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As Humalien I share stories about life in '5D+', aliens, energies, spirituality, and more. Many of them are personal experiences on my life path. Years of struggles lead me to now thrive as a starseed and empath, also being a HSP and gifted. You may recognize yourself in this and find inspiration.


In this blog I express my ideas about subjects that interest me. They can be my own thoughts, or what I share from others. Sometimes, they are very personal and even intimate experiences or spiritual insights. I would be happy with your feedback and comments on any of the stories.


If you resonate with my ideas and style of communication, we can work on questions you may have, or need guidance with. The private sessions will be online, or simply by writing or phone calls. For more profound and in-person work, I also offer personal 1-on-1 retreats in the south of Spain.

The world has changed dramatically these past years, culminating in an unprecedented event halfway through 2023. That event was expected, but nobody knew when, or what would happen. It seems there is now a permanent division within humanity, that is based on people’s level of consciousness. At the same time, we still see more people than ever ‘waking up’ and raising their vibration and level of consciousness. Social media platforms are full of talk about ascension of humanity and even mainstream media have picked up. 

Reality is, however, that doors have closed, and only few of us have made it to ‘the other side’. Those who have not, continue to reincarnate in the 3D world, that’ll only get worse, and eventually fatal, over time. Most people are not (yet) aware of this, but the separation will become clearer, in this life or a next. Some people think (or assume) they’re ‘through’, but they’re actually on a wrong path. Often without knowing, they are not connected to Source and Christ consciousness, but to a false light within an inverted (or fallen) matrix.

People on both sides of the door will occupy the same physical space, but they no longer experience the same reality. Those that went through, have entered a new era with new energies. With new energies also come new challenges and an entirely new way of living from our heart, based on the properties of a higher dimension. At the same time, the old (3D) world is still around us. Humalien tries to make sense of it all, by sharing knowledge and experiences, hoping it will allow all of us to find our own way through this new reality.

the journey is to find our way home to self

A travel guide for life

Even though the journey through life is personal and individual, we do not have to take every step alone. We can receive support and advice on our path, and still decide our own direction. Humalien is based on my personal journey. I have worked this into stories about my life and spiritual journey. I share these experiences, hoping they might work as a travel guide… or that they shine a light if you feel you’re in the dark.

My journey was not easy, and I suspect yours wasn’t either. Part of it has to do with not being like most people. Ever since I can remember, I’ve experienced ‘being different’ as a burden… a weight I carried with me through every aspect in my life. A spiritual awakening propelled me forward on my spiritual path, but it didn’t answer some key questions:

“Who am I? Why am I here? Why am I different? What is my purpose?”

As a child, I quickly learned I was not like the others. I now know I am a starseed. I’m also a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), which has not been easy as a man. On top of that, I am gifted and I found out that I am an empath. For most of my life, I hated this… I wanted to be like everyone else. It was only in my forties, when I put things together and realized they were actually gifts. I started to remember who I truly am, seeing things for what they truly are. Slowly, things started to fall into place.

Everyone has to follow their own path, no one can walk it for you. But there is no need to get lost, or experience the same trauma as I have. To hear stories from other people may shine a light on the path in front of you. Here, I share with you some of my personal and even intimate thoughts, feelings and experiences… from deep pain to divine ecstasy. Feel if it resonates with you, as we may be on the same frequency.
I am also creating a blog with ideas and visions I have of life and about spirituality… or just anything I find interesting and relevant. I invite you to read, comment, and share your own thoughts. Finally, I offer private sessions for anyone who has questions and would like my guidance or input on their journey. I am here for you, holding space, listening, able to share my love and wisdom with anyone who is ready to receive.

"As you step onto the path... the path appears"


trying to understand who you truly are...

Are you a starseed?

Starseeds are individuals that have incarnated on earth from other star systems, planets, or realities. They are here with a mission to help the human race in their individual and collective evolution. Starseeds come from much higher levels of consciousness and bring with them not only divine light and a love-based wisdom, but also abilities that would seem magic on earth. In some cultures starseeds have been named ‘angels in human from’. They are not angels, but the comparison is understandable.

Many people in the modern spiritual world claim to be a starseed, but in reality it’s only a few percent of the adults. Unfortunately, there is a lot of social media hype and other spiritual ego. This makes it more difficult for anyone seeking real answers and guidance. Starseeds often experience issues throughout their life, especially childhood. They do not experience the (low) vibrations of 3D earth at the higher level of consciousness from where they originate. They don’t understand society, never seem to fit in, and many can not handle violence and strong emotions. Many will suffer (serious) mental issues throughout their lives, and suicide rates are very high. They feel they shouldn’t be here and just want to ‘go home’.

When a starseed incarnates on earth, a veil is pulled over all history and wisdom they carry. To be born in a dimension of low vibration, means to not know their identity and true capabilities. This is part of the agreement (contract) they made to experience earth. They have to (re)discover their true Selves, meanwhile facing karmic lessons they took with them in this life. On a subconscious level they often make decisions, that nudge them into the direction of their mission. However, conditioning and false beliefs go so deep, that most starseeds remain asleep for their entire life here.

Some starseeds become aware of their innate powers and divine task on earth. They are able to connect with Source, their higher Self, true Self (soul), and ‘support team’ of angels, guides, star-family, etc. With proper guidance, these beautiful souls will have a deep impact on the world and humanity. Many end up working in a field, where they can put their traits to use, one way or the other. They’ll become caretakers, healers, loving parents, animal workers, charismatic leaders, or just a beacon of love…

It is often still difficult to step into their true identity, though, because it’s covered by layers of conditioning and ego. Life in 3D reality is ‘designed’ to keep people from discovering their power. Also, there are other powers in play than Source. When starting to awaken, many come from a place of darkness. It’s easy to then be drawn to False Light, which gets you stuck in an inverted (fallen) matrix. Only few starseeds will become truly aware, and they often experience to be swimming against the stream. It’s easy to lose faith and focus. More than ever, life feels like being a human alien on earth: a humalien. If you feel like this too, please know, that you are not alone and although there are not many of us… we are wide awake.

"If you feel like you don't fit into the world you inherited, it is because you are here to help create a new one"

We are stars wrapped in skin...
The light you are seeking, has always been within

so you found out you're a starseed... now what?

Death is the start of life

Starseed or not, the world becomes a different place once you see things for what they truly are. Overwhelmed by all the suffering, trauma and ego, it is easy to lose faith in humanity. But there is also love, hope, connection and light. Your awakening is not a fluke or coincidence, this was supposed to happen. It is not a moment, either, but rather a permanent journey, that keeps taking you higher, and you are the only one to control that process.

I was happy and felt wise when my awakening started, but soon realized I knew almost nothing. So, I wanted to learn everything I could, and tell the whole world. But the ascension process is not about learning something new, it is about unlearning all you ‘know’. You’ll have to face and embrace your own shadow and many of your fears, which is easier said than done. It is necessary to let the human-you die, so the starseed-you can live.

You’ll need to get rid of all that is not you, for it is only ballast. Everything that is truly you… is already inside you. It has always been there, waiting patiently for you to realize. But you were constantly distracted by survival and conditioned beliefs. You’ve lived in a false reality with limitations, fear and the illusion of separation. You were taught that all answers, love, and power were outside yourself… yet, they have been inside you all along.

The reality we experience, has changed dramatically halfway 2023. The world had been preparing for a major event for decades, but no one really knew what that event would look like. Some expected the announcement of alien presence, which would lead to mass awakening, unity, and world peace. Others foresaw more premeditated global crises, that eventually would destroy society and all of its social and economic systems, leading to world war and the further enslavement of humanity by the ruling elite. To be honest, both turned out to be true… both events sort of happened.

Whatever we call the event, the result is a clear division within humanity, based on people’s level of consciousness. This divide is like a glass wall around us, where we can only interact with people that resonate with our own vibration. We can no longer ‘touch’ the ones below us, nor should we want to. In the bigger picture, this is the division of 3D vs 5D. Unlike what many ‘spiritual teachers of social media’ say, the route from 3D to 5D has closed basically permanently. Everyone is either on one side or the other, and that is it. The division has been made and the gap will only grow. It is now up to everyone personally to decide where they go from here…

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