what - why - who is humalien?

What is Humalien?

The word Humalien is a contraction of the words Human and Alien. I came up with the name when I decided to write about being a starseed, which is in essence the same as being both human and alien. In my search to find myself and find meaning in who or what I am (and why it was this way), I had to go on my own spiritual journey. I have travelled quite a bit in my life, but the journey that leads me to my true Self, is by far the most important of all.

I haven’t searched in every corner of the world, nor behind every door I found. Neither did I master myself in one specific spiritual teaching or technique to expert level. But I have seen many things, and I can honestly say I don’t regret anything I’ve tried or done. I’ve kept what resonates with me and let go of what did not. I’ve learned so much, often from simply going with the flow and following the voice of my heart. It never answered all of my questions, and where It did, answers usually raised more questions. It became clear, that what I was looking
for, could not be found in answers, but by simple acceptance and allowing things to ‘just be’. 

Thus I’ve found passion, beauty, love, compassion, and sometimes even joy. It helped me to not only accept many of the things that had happened throughout my life, but also to have the wisdom to see them for what they are and to find peace in knowing that everything fits into a divine plan. It makes no sense to try and control this plan, it would only be an exercise of ego, often based on fear. There is always free will and I can choose to not follow my path. But why would I stop myself from experiencing and doing exactly what I came to earth for in the first place…? In stead of searching actively, I’ll just allow myself to discover whatever and whenever it is ready to be revealed, knowing that everything will happen with divine timing.

Sharing my story

It was clear to me, that I need to somehow share my experiences, for instance in a book or website. I had some crazy years behind me, and I had quite a few stories to tell. Little did I know at that time, that the craziest times were still ahead of me. When I started to write, I was first desperately trying to explain these insights from my scientific background, spiritual understandings that came to me, and my life experiences. I felt a need to express what was going on inside my head to make sense of things, reaching out to others at the same time. My own wanderlust had shown many parallels with the spiritual journey, so it made perfect sense to consider my story as sort of a travel guide.

Let’s first go into the past. For most of my childhood, I have felt alone and misunderstood. I didn’t fit in, I was the exception to the rule, school and society never made any sense to me, and I felt restricted in my freedom. I didn’t know then what it meant, but I had this intuitive knowing that ‘things just didn’t make sense’. If my words resonate with you, there is a good chance you’ve experienced these feelings, too. What I would’ve liked, especially as a child, is to have known then what I know now. For instance, that my intuition is a powerful tool, and a direct way to communicate from my heart. Also, to know that I’m never alone, that there is nothing wrong with me, that I am perfect as I am, and that I am always loved…

Until about the time that I started writing, I’d hardly felt that. Of course, my parents loved me, and I had a couple of good relationships which were based on love. But I also often attracted people that were out to deceive me or take advantage of me. This, I now know, were my still unhealed part(s) screaming to be acknowledged and healed by my own light. By sharing my stories, you might take inspiration from them or find strength in them, especially if you have been through similar experiences. Please, don’t get me wrong, this is not to tell you what to do or to keep you from experiencing things yourself… on the contrary. But this bit of light for when it’s dark, might get you through these things a bit easier and just as well.

Where do you shine your light?

It has been dark recently, and it will be even darker in the future. With the deep division of humanity since the summer of 2023, the ones that are not stuck on the other side of the door, where vibrations are low and chaotic, get to decide how and where we shine our light. Humalien is my attempt to shine my light, and hopefully attract people that resonate with that frequency. This could be from my story, from my past, from my path, but I also hope to find people that resonate with where I am now. So, it is about shining my light as I am, as I feel, as I create, as I desire to connect…

There’s one thing I must warn you about, though. If you shine your true (divine) light, you will learn that some people can’t stand that light, or want to take that light from you, even try to put your light out. You don’t need to fight them, that will only diminish your own light. See them for what they are, and they become harmless. It’s difficult if they are a loved-one, but this will happen. Also, things that have been with you for a long time, might all of a sudden look different in this new light. Again, you see them for what they are. Be prepared to let go of everything… and I mean everything. To not put importance to it, will allow you to not be attached, and thus… will give you true freedom, where anything can exist and all is good.

You can read more about some of these things below, in the sections Why is Humalien and Who is Humalien. There are also some links you can click from there to read more. I like to write and I’m happy to share, and I’m not afraid to use a lot of words… it is who I am. Simply said, there is a lot to read, if you want to. If you don’t feel resonance with what I write, you are still welcome to read, but I doubt if it would ever work in a session. Nonetheless, I will be happy and grateful for any feedback. Speaking of sessions… that, too, is a part of Humalien. If you feel resonance and connection and you want to work on something from different and objective perspectives, it might be good to work together in one or more sessions.

Why is Humalien?

The world has undeniably and irreversibly changed over the past years, and especially since somewhere in the summer of 2023. It’s difficult to explain precisely what happened (my first blog post was about this subject), but there is a division within humanity. I am not talking about people waking up to the realization about the forces within society, the government, the media, the financial systems, and the real powers in this world. Neither the personal realization of who we are as eternal beings of light and energy, and how we are part of a conscious and infinite oneness. 

Both insights are aspects and phases of the awakening process at different stages. And there is a lot to say about that, because the powers behind the genetic engineering, the mind control, and the whole ego structure, don’t simply disappear when you realize they are there. Even though they’ve always worked in the shadows, our light won’t just make them disappear. In the era of this new world, there will be new and other challenges. I believe it is important to share experiences to help each other through these beginning stages of a new time.

A new era has begun

So, the ‘game’ has changed almost overnight, even though several powerful mediums and channelers have foreseen this event for a long time. Exactly when and how it would happen, and where we would find ourselves afterwards… nobody knew. The new reality has some very simple aspects, based on whether you are on this side of the door or on the other. The most important being, that said door is permanently shut. According to the teachings of RA (Law of one), you could consider this the harvest. There was one question to answer and one test… some passed, many did not.

There is also a link to the rapture, but not as in the resurrection of the dead. More in the joining with God, as in the divine, and a sort of second coming of Christ. See this as opening and surrendering of oneself to our divine connection with Source (or the Universe or God), and reigniting the spark of Christ consciousness within all of us. Suddenly, these references make a whole lot more sense. The same goes for the link to the new era (1000 year Kingdom), which has now indeed begun. For how long… I have no idea.

We all get to choose

Let’s now just forget about all the historical, spiritual and religious references, they are not relevant. What matters is that we are now in this new era, and we have to choose how we handle this. As is sometimes said, earth and this reality are a masterclass, probably the hardest of all. If you have chosen to incarnate here, coming from a much higher level of consciousness and vibration, you are indeed a brave soul… and I honour and respect your courage.

This begs to ask: “What do we do now, and how to proceed from here?” These are key questions that I was asking myself when I was starting to create Humalien. We all have a mission here on earth… some are very aware of this. To them I would say to not stop what you are doing, and I’m sure this is what you feel as well. But those who don’t know their mission, or not exactly, I would shake your hand, because I feel just the same as I’m writing this.

“Be yourself, shine your light, you are uniquely you”, but words are not the same as actions. If you are a starseed, it is vital that you (re)discover your true nature and live from the frequency that is inherently yours. There is no scenario or script to play out. We can only improvise as we go along. As long as you follow your intuition and the voice of your heart, you will be on your path. Remember, your path has no destination, but there are milestones along the way. You will always have the choice of free will to not follow your path and not tick your milestones. There is no wrong in that. If you don’t fulfill your mission, though, or deal with karma, or learn your lesson, you may find yourself in a similar position in another life.

Birds of a feather...

Many of us have taken a road that has eventually lead to more and more solitude. We did not feel comfortable or welcome in modern society. We can’t change society and it makes no sense to change ourselves (in order to fit in)… so, why would we still be part of it? It is all understandable, but there is an issue with that. Having a kind of retracted lifestyle, means you also limit your chance of meeting people you actually would resonate with. So, it becomes sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy to never meet the right people.

This has to change, because now more than ever, we need to be aware of each other, connect, work together as starseeds – or as people on this side of the door. Easier said than done… especially without a plan or goal. I guess we just have to create a goal while we’re already on our way. The heightened frequency will be like a beacon to others, but only those who can resonate with it, will be able to find us. We have to trust this and surrender to the process.

I’m not trying to start a community or enforce separation between people. Anything that is meant to come into existence, will do so eventually. We can share with each other, inspire each other, help out and support each other. We are all new to this new reality with its new energies. It is a blank slate. But we’re not alone, even if we do it all on our own. We become the best versions of ourselves by living in our true frequency. Perhaps this is how the real mission of many starseeds begins. Preparation is over… time to get to work!

I know it is not easy… I’ve been there myself, and I struggled with this. Perhaps you could benefit from some personal sessions to get clarity and honest feedback to set your bearing straight. I am here for you, holding space, listening, happy to work together with you.

Who is Humalien?

Hi… my name is Martijn and I am the man behind Humalien. The journey to start Humalien has been long and quite challenging. I grew up in the countryside, until I moved to Groningen to study biology at university. University life was fascinating and exciting, but I never wanted anything to do with animal experiments. So, I chose a different career in IT, quite the opposite of what I had done until then. After 13 years and making a decent career, I just couldn’t do it any longer. This was totally not me!! I came to a point of a massive burnout, from which I learned a lot. I made the decision to emigrate and pursue the life I really wanted, elsewhere.
I’ve lived in five different countries before I moved to where I am now, in the south of Spain. Travelling around is great, but emigrating is a whole different ballgame. To experience other cultures, people and languages, on top of the challenges of living abroad… it has profoundly changed my life. It has opened my eyes and heart to the real world. But most of all, it guided me to my inner world. My journeys have continuously pushed me forward on my spiritual path, and have led to the man I am today. They have inspired me to follow my passions and do my work as human alien.

Getting out on the road

For most of my life, I experienced that I was different and did not fit in. This became a problem and was a source of frustration. My childhood was not happy, I didn’t have a lot of friends, school was disappointing, nobody really understood me, my career was hollow, and most of my relationships never worked out. In every part of life I gave more than I received, and thus my energy eventually ran out. In my early forties, I broke completely when my life turned upside down and inside out. I hit rock bottom (or so I thought), as my awakening slowly started.

A few years later I started my journey after I sold my house, gave away my stuff, and left for New-Zealand with nothing but a backpack and a suitcase. I was the richest man in the world, because I was free, had no plans for the future, and could decide whatever I want. Never have I felt more alive, as I did then. I made decisions with my heart, not my mind, and life just unfolded before me through ease and joy. This, as I would later find out, was a manifestation of 5D reality. However, the world has changed irreversibly since then, in more than one way. Not because of wars or some fake pandemic, but in more profound and important ways.

Just before I left the Netherlands, I found out that I’m a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). It explained so much, especially from my childhood. I tick basically all the boxes, being passionate but also easily overwhelmed or overstimulated, intensely processing every little thing, being an empath, and being deeply moved by subtleties that others are not aware of. My giftedness, which was established when I was 6, also plays a major role in how my mind works. I’ve studied (medical) biology, lived in a city, and worked in boring IT for 13 years; no wonder I broke down. I was battling my innate traits since I was a toddler and I’ve lived in a world that is the opposite of what I needed. For four decades I had been fighting myself.

I am a starseed

After my move to Portugal in 2021, I had another major breakthrough, when I found out that I’m a starseed. I am mostly Andromedan, to be exact, with some Pleiadian origins (more in About Starseeds). Several times I had literally said I felt like an alien on earth, that I didn’t belong here, and that I felt homesick… I just wanted to go back, although I had no idea to where. Suddenly, it all made sense: I’m not of this earth, but I have no memory of anywhere else. So, yet another new phase in my life then began. I needed to find out who I truly am, why I am here, what my gifts and powers are, and what I am supposed to do…
A lot has been written about starseeds, but much of it is not (entirely) true. Starseeds and many spiritual terminology have fallen prey to the mainstream hype. They are now in the claws of social media and the commerciality of new age books and expensive retreats. You may have run into this yourself, making it difficult to find your truth. Please stay vigilant and make sure your spiritual path won’t connect to false light.
It was frustrating, being open to receive, therefore vulnerable, and thus easily fooled. I found out the hard way there are many people that have, let’s say, other interests in mind. They appear spiritual, but it turns out they are just like anyone else. Later, I would find out they may not be aware of this themselves. That doesn’t change the damage they do to others, though, like they’ve done to me. I know, I’m on slippery surface here. After all, who am I to say what is true and what is not…?
My partner at that time is a highly knowledgeable and powerful healer, channeller/medium, and guide – although any label I use here, would not do justice to her work. With what I learned from her, I could write many books. She told me more than just about starseeds. It became the start of a whole new way of looking at basically everything. I write about this in more detail in the stories and blog. I also learned from others, did my research, and sat in meditation. Sometimes, I could tap into some deep understanding, but I’ve also run into spiritual ego… and this was a hard lesson to get through. But at least it taught me to recognize truth from bullshit in the spiritual world. Meanwhile, my abilities to use my intuition and inner knowing had grown further… and I’ve learned to trust this.

Facing my shadow through narcissism

One of the hardest things I had to face, was myself… my shadow. To be honest, I think this work is never over. We learn and grow each day. As the light moves with us, it casts new shadows wherever we go. Life will trigger us, most people are not on the same level of consciousness (or frequency) as we are, and there’s always this complicated relationship with ego. However, it’s the only way to face parts in ourselves we try to hide and avoid. They are the subconscious motor behind our behaviour, and they are an important part of our system of beliefs and imprints. We need to love these parts of ourselves too, bringing them into the light.
My breakthrough came when I went on a journey of self discovery, and ended up on the other side of Europe. I started a toxic relationship with a psychologically abusive partner. Of course, I didn’t know this at that time, but I found out later she’s a covert narcissist (which explains why others did not see her that way). Ironically, she turned out to be a true spiritual teacher. We mirrored and projected on each other. All love and passion at first, we’d later suffer by each other, getting caught in simply absurd fights. I became aware she was deliberately creating conflicts as part of a toxic and vicious cycle. Regardless whether things happened consciously or subconsciously, she kept triggering me and it went from bad to worse to eventually extreme. I wanted desperately to help her in healing, but I couldn’t… she didn’t want my help. This place of extremely low vibration was her place, and I did not belong down there. Never in my life had I felt this bad before… and I almost lost myself. The patterns of abuse, gaslighting and manipulation were crystal clear, but no more.

Looking back, I now know I had actually been fighting myself. She was the personification of my shadow. I tried to heal her, because I needed to heal myself. The love I craved, I gave to her… in the hope she’d one day reciprocate. But the mental prison of a narcissist is inescapable and incomprehensible. She can’t escape herself, because she’s unknowingly stuck in a connection with the False Light (and an inverted reality). She could only give me empty promises and mere breadcrumbs in a vicious cycle of idealization, devaluation, and discarding. With every cycle the steps intensified and became more extreme, until I was desperate and exhausted enough to cut the connection she used to siphon my energy.

Forgiveness is key to liberation (and happiness)

Unlike the narcissist, I was able to step away. Ending our relationship, I didn’t really choose myself over her… but rather choosing my own light over darkness, choosing love over ego. I forgave her for hurting me on purpose, using me, cheating on me, manipulating me, and more. To get out of any relationship can be tough, but with a narcissist it is extreme. On a neurological level there’s an ‘intermittent reinforcement cycle’ and oxytocin-cortisol bond, which are both similar to serious drug addiction. Breaking up meant going cold turkey, doing most of it alone. It was very painful but essential. And eventually, I was finally able to breathe again.
Another major step came when I forgave myself. Only then, did I start to see things from a truly higher perspective. I could now see her, myself and us, as well as everything that has happened between us (and other people), through the eyes of love and compassion. It was liberating to be able to simply love her and everything that has happened. I no longer felt shame, nor frustration, fear, or anger… I felt lightness and gratitude.

The confusion still remains somewhat, because to this day, I don’t know everything that has happened, let alone why, or with whom. This makes it more difficult to see my own role and needs at that time, and to learn from that. But whatever it is that happened, I will shower it with love and compassion. Acceptance and gratitude have changed my view of the world, but also of myself, and even my whole life until now. When I truly understood, a weight I had unnecessarily carried with me for decades, came off my back… and nothing has been the same since.

Putting my experiences to use

After I went through this painful healing experience, I knew it was time to start over again. I decided to move to yet another country. So, I now find myself in beautiful Spain, on the Costa del Sol with a national park literally at my doorstep. I have left much behind in Portugal, including several dreams and the disappointments they turned into. Although I’m grateful for everything that has happened, I’m also happy to leave it all there. I take the lessons and memories with me, that’s it. 
In my work as Humalien (whether in writing or guiding people) I use all my personal experiences and I’m open about them. How else can you feel resonance and recognition with my stories. Also, if I ask my clients to be fully transparent, I should give the example. In a way, I believe all my life experiences have been because of what I can do now. 

This is what I wanted when I decided to incarnate into this life. I chose my family, school and childhood. Is also chose my pain and frustrations and disappointments, so I could turn them into lessons. My innate traits and gifts were once a burden, until I turned them into tools and beacons for others. I rose to my real essence after having destroyed everything that I had built outside of myself. But in the new world and with the new energies, it would have been useless anyway. What is inside, is the only thing that matters. I’m still learning how to live in this new world, but I’ll make it work. I didn’t go through different phases of healing for nothing. It has prepared me for this new world, where I live as I truly am. Where I was first an outcast that didn’t fit in, I am now alive in a new world that works well for me. I hope I can help you feel at home, too.

It doesn’t matter if you are a HSP, a starseed, gifted, or neither. As long as you want to live from your heart, we can find each other. I would be very happy to work together with you. And should you ever decide to come to Spain for a private retreat, you’ll also be able to experience my passion for cooking. Or you may end up on my massage table. Although not yet as professional business, I offer massage sessions from a heart-to-heart connection as GOIN Massage. Check out Sessions for some of the options as Humalien, or just contact me directly.

More from Humalien...?