about starseeds (introduction)

Starseeds are beings whose soul does not have an origin on earth, but in another universe, realm, or reality. All beings on earth are only partly the physical manifestation in this reality, while another part ‘remains’ in higher realities. We therefore all have a human body, but the true Self (the soul) of starseeds is alien. This is much more complex, but this all we need to know for now. Most starseeds have incarnated on earth before, and there were starseeds on earth throughout history. For most of the time, they were rare… but this started to change in modern times. Recently, we have seen unprecedented events, emphasizing that we are at a crucial moment in history. Read more about this in the blog post: The door has closed.

In the second half of the 19 century, the industrial revolution threw human evolution into the rapids. Production opportunities exploded, science followed in its wake, and this irreversibly changed society. It also allowed humanity to poison and destroy earth, which received the attention of quite a few alien races. When humanity developed ways to blow up earth many times over in mid 20th century, an intervention was necessary. Different waves of starseeds came to earth to change human ways from the inside out. Each wave had their own mission, gifts and tasks. The names “wanderers”, “volunteers”, and “indigo or rainbow children” are also used. On this website, I focus on the name starseed only, unless otherwise specified.

Incarnation on earth

A starseed comes to earth for specific reasons. Every incarnation, regardless where they’re from, is carefully planned out with specific intentions and goals, including soul contract and life mission. This works as an inner compass, giving us a general direction for our life path. Planned out path or not, we always have free will choice. Therefore, we can choose to follow a different path and change our contract, but we’ll get into those details later.

Starseeds come from a higher level of consciousness. They carry a (much) higher vibration than that of earth, but that vibration is not sustainable in earth’s 3D reality. Its low vibration makes everything viscous, as if you’re moving through honey in stead of air. Starseeds need to lower their vibration in order to adept to this world. At that moment, they are not different on the outside from ‘earthseeds’, the majority of people on earth. Starseeds still carry their true vibration with them in their true Self, through coded crystals in their astral body. 

All of our bodies that incarnate on earth, especially the physical body, have to be adjusted to 3D. You can compare this to squeezing size 43 feet into size 34 shoes. It could explain some of the difficulties starseeds experience in modern society, and there may even be a link as to why relatively many starseeds have some sort of physical, mental, or neurological handicap. After all… when the container is too small for the intended contents, certain pieces will have to be reduced in size or even left out altogether… or the container will simply break.

Pulling the veil

Part of the agreement to incarnate on earth, is that starseeds can’t remember their essence and history, nor can they be aware of their (magical) abilities. That would be like going on a trip and then teleport to the end, bypassing the entire journey. The soul contract deals with the quality and direction of what happens between start and finish. This time in between is the actual purpose of growth, resolving karmic burden, spiritual work, just basically life itself. 

Many emotions are as good as impossible in higher states of consciousness.  So, in order to experience them and deal with them… to transmute them… high vibrational beings need to go into that lower state. However painful the experience will be, it only makes sense to live through the whole process with open eyes and a vulnerable heart. We chose this life and to go through it all for a reason. Cheating would be useless and a waste of this life. 

The process of lowering, hiding, and covering up, is called the ‘veiling’. It is all still there, but no longer visible or directly available. Many starseeds experience abilities (like clairvoyance, telepathic communication, and healing powers), that are outside what is considered ‘normal’. It makes starseeds feel like an outsider, being a stranger, as if something is wrong. Society may even consider them mentally ill, like paranoid or psychotic if they see spirits or talk with trees. Needless to say, these are real abilities, that are often related to their mission. It’s vital, in order to fulfil their mission and tasks, to ‘unveil’ themselves (wake up) and rediscover who they truly are. When they do, their identity, their mission, their purpose will become clear.

The mission of starseeds

Many talk about the mission of all starseeds as a general one, but they are in fact personal. No two starseeds are ever the same, so no two missions are the same. In general, though, starseeds come to earth to assist with the spiritual growth and ascension of individuals and humanity as a whole, by raising their level of consciousness. In order to fulfil their mission, they need to wake up themselves first, before helping others. Unfortunately, most starseeds never wake up, also because the awakening process is different from that of earthseeds.

Many starseeds are seen as helpful, compassionate people, full of good intentions. But there are also starseeds with not-so-good to even evil intentions. It all depends on perspective, as it may be their personal mission, perfectly fitting in the bigger picture. What is normal for the spider, is chaos to the fly. Their actions may be of great importance for others, in whatever way, somewhere further down the line.

I was in a relationship with a starseed, who was a covert narcissist. That doesn’t make her evil, but we were apparently on very different paths. Looking back now, our relationship has taught me so much about myself: self love, shadow-work, boundaries, healing, etc. Although destructive and painful then, I’m grateful for everything now. And I hope she will have had a similar breakthrough. Perhaps she has done exactly what was good for her mission, even if that meant she needed deeply hurt the both us in that process. I wish for her to get out of her own prison, but I’m afraid she may be her own greatest ‘victim’. And that is just sad…

Due to the veiling process, many starseeds will grow up to be quite different than what their true nature is. Earth is a very tough school in this matter. It’s easy to feel you’re in the wrong place, and we are often taught that not-fitting-in is our fault. So, we force ourselves into the box that is considered to be acceptable by society and we limit ourselves out of fear, thereby moving further and further away from the love that we actually are. To be our true selves and live from the heart, I’d personally consider to be the most important mission of any starseed. As easy as it sounds, this was for me one of the most difficult steps of all.

Unlearning the untruths

Almost everything that we learn in our lives, especially in our childhood, is keeping us from being (or becoming) who we truly are. It is, in fact, designed this way, but that’s not relevant for now. Simply said, life is not so much about learning something new, but rather unlearning what we are not, and to ‘forget’ what we were told. We thus grow by releasing knowledge… not by accumulating it. Everything you need to know is already inside you, but it can only be accessed from the heart. Stop thinking with you brain to start thinking with your heart, and then… surrender to Source/God/Universe and go with the flow.

You may ask yourself, if everything you have been told, was a lie, and I would say it was not. It’s a lie if people know the truth and decide to say something else. But almost no one knows or remembers the real truth. We can’t blame our parents, partners, and (other) teachers for not telling us the truth. They told us what they thought was true. Their intentions were good, and if you would look inside their hearts, you’d see they were convinced of it. We can’t hold it against any of them. The automatic lie detector that many starseeds have, did not go on tilt. We often had this inkling feeling deep inside, though, that there was something wrong.

Rebuilding a new life

What we have learned and what we were told and taught, is often the basis of much more in our lives. If you take away such a pillar of foundation, many things will fall apart… and they’ll have to. The frame of reference of how you see yourself, life, the world and others, has to fundamentally change. Nothing can remain the same, especially not the framework… as this structure is almost carved in stone. Even if you change all the content but not the structure, new content takes the same shape eventually, due to the structure it is held in. It becomes almost like a template, as sort of a matrix that is the information holder.

This whole process is not a mental or theoretical exercise only… that would change almost nothing. The real change sits in our behaviour. We need to allow the new shape to be just as it is… not as we want it to be. Surrender to this new form, to the new energies, and think and feel and decide with your heart. You don’t need an education or high intelligence to succeed. The real difference between the ones that will move forward and the ones that move around in basically the same place (like going in circles), is the connection to our heart. Now… many people think that they are connected to their heart, but most are actually not. Much more on that elsewhere on this website, including in the blog.

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