The False light (introduction)

Spirituality or misleading hype?

Much has been written about spirituality and spiritual health and growth over the past years. Yoga, meditation, tantra, and (silent) retreats have become a normal part of life. Even the mainstream media have picked up on the terms. Book stores now sell books about manifestation, self-help instructions for spiritual ascension, and I recently saw a book about starseeds and alien races. It’s great to see people opening up and allowing everyone easy access to spirituality. But to be honest, the quality and depth of much of the new literature is left to be desired for. And when some books are promoted as ‘the next hype for the post-covid era’, it may be more about selling a different story. 

The fact that these hyped-up books take the place of real spiritual works on the book shelves, likely happens on purpose. What better way to keep people from real wisdom and discover who they truly are, than feeding them false information. Thus creating an illusion of awakening, often via false light. Ego takes over to block any desire to search further, because they truly believe they have awakened. 

The trick of control is not to teach people how to think, only what to think. Give them just enough to believe that they’re thinking for themselves. In reality, they regurgitate whatever story they have been fed. It’s all they know, and it is the only framework they have to compare everything else. This trick has been used throughout entire history by the powers that be, especially the major religions. If people are only taught about the colour red, how would they know about other colours. If they would encounter green, they would consider it just another variation of red. They have grown fully dependent on their source of information for their world view.

The fake online world

You can find countless options online for information banks, discussion fora, support groups and pages of healers, mediums, spiritual specialists, etc. Many are very good and knowledgeable professionals, who are well-trained and experienced. But the covid lockdowns brought an explosion of ego online, especially in social media. Spirituality in itself has become yet another commercial product of mainstream. For them, quantity and satisfaction of ego are more important than quality and spiritual growth.

In the online world anyone can (and will) say anything. There is no entry level or quality check at the door, nor can they be held accountable for what they say. Especially video platforms make it all about appearance. People that are seen and liked the most, won’t express some message, they just sell themselves… often half naked for more views. 

Without spiritual master for guidance and supervision, some unhinge and become self-proclaimed specialists and online frauds. They’ll copy-paste of others where and when it suits their self-glorifying narrative. They don’t acknowledge the original realizations and don’t respect the work that went into it. They won’t shy away from making things up, either, and they’ll never let the truth stand in the way of a good story for business.

Be aware of your path

This is a problem if you’re seeking and don’t yet know how to distinguish real wisdom from ego-pleasing. If you’re going through difficult times and low energy, especially in your dark night of the soul, it’s tempting to go towards bright lights. But if something sounds too good to be true, it basically always is. Many lights are false, sometimes all the way through. Although the ones carrying that light, may not even be aware of this themselves. Always ask your heart for guidance.

It’s easy to say that, if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. But there are many bad roads you can take, and most people have no idea what road they’re on. Modern spirituality is beautiful in bringing many teachings together, but this is also where it often goes horribly wrong. Some teachings are a hotchpotch of many things, without really being anything. There is a lot on the outside, but they’re hollow inside. Especially these paths are easy to connect to false light, often without knowing. Read much more about this on spiritual paths and false light.

If when one door closes, another opens, you should ask yourself if that is the door to take for you. It’s pretty convenient and fear-avoiding if a new one opens exactly as the previous closes. So you never have to be in between. Pick anything to have something and not end up with nothing. It makes more sense to first establish where you are and what you want, before you step through any door that happens to be open. Why not wait for another to open, or unlock one that leads you to an interesting place. Or even better, go to some place necessary for you to do clearing, healing and growth.

Step onto your own path

It is more how you decide, rather than what you decide. There is no wrong decision if you follow the voice of your heart, because it will always guide you in the direction of your path. It is not always pleasant, but it will be right. Do this from a state of silence and spiritual peace. If you are in mental or emotional turmoil (not uncommon when doors are closing), it’ll be impossible to hear the voice of your heart. That voice is very modest, almost weak… unless it has to say ‘no’, then it’ll be loud and can’t be missed. 

Usually, any voice will be the voice of ego. Since this is the voice we are accustomed to, we tend to use it as a reference. We then convince ourselves it is not ego, because we can only compare it with ego. How would we know the difference, if we have never experienced anything else…? Most people don’t know the difference between feelings and intuition, emotions and heart, thoughts and knowing. The former three are all ego and the latter three are Self. Learn to be familiar with the difference.

The Christic path and crystallization

So, we have established that starseeds incarnate on earth to help humanity on both an individual as well as collective level to raise their level of consciousness. But we’ve also seen that not every starseed is awake and they will remain in that low vibration. Some of them will believe that they have awakened, but they have actually only opened up to the false light. They may be stuck in the inverted (or fallen) matrix, thinking they are on a Christic path up, while they are in fact stuck in a vicious cycle. Even if they do all the spiritual practices that should help them (or anyone) on their spiritual path. 

Information from the rise in consciousness is stored in a process called crystallization. The purity of vibration allows interconnected crystal structures to form and grow at a non-physical level. It’s like the controlled reactions in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry to create specific materials, medicine, and other drugs. This isn’t just through spiritual practices, but also normal human development, like growing from childhood into adulthood. That is why non-spiritual people too, can be spiritually highly pure and advanced. It is not about doing practices, or the name they give to whatever they do. It’s all about the purity of connection to our heart, and from there to Source.

The false light and calcification

The same process without connection to Source and Christ consciousness but to false light, also sees materials forming. Because the fundamental energy is not pure, you’ll get contamination and distortions. This starts a calcification process, and the resulting pieces get fragmented all over the place without interconnection. Consciousness, and from that also someone’s personality, is no longer uniform and can develop in different directions (a possible explanation for personality disorders like narcissism). Just as with chemical impurities, mental or spiritual impurity creates distortion and inferior results.

If you’ve seen ‘Breaking Bad’, compare it with the immaculate colour of Walter White’s blue stuff. He is extremely adamant about perfect conditions with temperature, clean glass, precise procedures, and the absolute purity of basic materials. Any impurity will have a negative effect on the result, so the product gets pale and crumbly. It is exactly the same with our spiritual growth and crystallization. Distortions in energy, incorrect methods, shortcuts, and false light, will lead to impurity and calcification (instead of crystallization). This is often impossible to correct and it will have to be redone.

Trauma and psychological disorders

This process with unconnected and underdeveloped consciousness may explain some psychological and psychiatric issues. Like a crooked and unbalanced development into conscious maturity and subconscious ego. Trauma could keep a part of our developing (sub)consciousness and personality stuck in the consciousness of an age-group. If we see adults acting like a child when they’re triggered, they act from the emotional age at the time of experiencing the original trauma. This also fits with a number of personality disorders, including borderline and narcissism. Different circumstances seem to bring out different personalities. There will be different fragments of personality ‘behind the steering wheel’ at different situations… and they can change places very quickly.

Childhood trauma may see one part remaining at the level of 5 years old, while the rest develops further. You could end up with many parts, all of them connected to different levels of consciousness. Even as an adult in your 40’s, when you are triggered in that area, it is the level of consciousness from that fragment that responds. This is why we consider some people as emotionally immature in a relationship. 

The only way to break through this response, is to heal the original trauma wound. This would allow to break down the contaminated and impure crystals and rebuild new ones that are pure. However, if the calcification process has turned the fragments into solid stone, it can’t be undone. There is a point of no return, after which you can no longer heal these parts and thus will never reconnect the whole of your consciousness. I’m afraid this is the situation for many people, although they will not be aware of it.

Calcification of starseeds

I am also afraid that this is what happened to many starseeds. When you only partially wake up, you don’t have the overview yet to see the bigger picture. It is very tempting to then follow teachings that are not Christic. Or you take advice from people that are connected to a false light themselves. While part of you is developing beautifully, other parts may get stuck, even though they can be very active. Going in circles, you move a lot, you’re just not getting anywhere. This might trigger someone to find more spiritual techniques and more and more… It is an illusion of awakening, because it’s all outside themselves. Real awakening takes place through connection with our true Self.

A starseed that is calcified, will never awaken if they don’t fully turn inwards and revert the calcification. So, after the veiling and low vibration of earth, we are now confronted with false light, illusions, and calcification. And we haven’t even gone into the interests of different alien races, genetic engineering, and galactic agendas. Many things work against you when you wake up. There are great powers that want to prevent humans from waking up and discovering their real power. Calcification and fragmentation are very serious. You live in an inverted matrix of reality, but you do not see the difference. It mimics the Christic matrix, meanwhile sucking your (high vibrational) energy away.

Calcification leads to a reset

Some people become aware they are being siphoned, but they don’t understand how. They are convinced that they do everything correct by the spiritual book. They follow teachers on social media, meditate daily, eat vegan, wear crystals, dance ecstatically, do spiritual retreats, practice tantra, have full moon cacao ceremonies, etc. etc. I saw this happening with some people I cared about and it deeply hurts to see this. 

One of my main motto’s in life is: “It’s not about doing the things right, it’s about doing the right things”. But some people just keep trying to do the wrong things harder and harder. They’ll come up with new teachers, new methods, new things to try. again and again. But they always avoid the real issue… inside themselves. This is called “spiritual bypassing”. The more they try to do things right, the more stuck they will get. 

When someone gets too stuck, the only way out is a hard reset. This means they loose also their last connection to Source. The result after failed attempts of crystallization is basically ‘useless’. The best thing to do, is to destroy the calcified product, and where possible recycle it to the beginning of the process. If you burn a cake, you can’t unburn it. You can’t undo its cooking and return to when it was flower and eggs. Stop, destroy, start again… unfortunately also when it comes to consciousness and personality. You can’t go further in ascension, anyway. Just start over and do it right next time.

Don’t start eating lies, just because your heart is hungry

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