Levels of consciousness

Let your weird light shine bright
so the other weirdos know where to find you

Scoring consciousness

There are a lot of misunderstandings about the meaning of ‘levels of consciousness’. It is not easy to understand what it truly means, and I don’t dare to say I fully understand for myself. I think that the best way to understand, is to experience by being actively aware. Through meditative techniques you can become the observer of yourself, while looking in from the outside. You can study yourself, assessing without judgment what is going on inside and outside.

We can measure the level of consciousness indirectly, using tools and methods to quantify and classify. Dr. David Hawkins, from the field of psychiatry and applied kinesiology, created a chart that is now mostly used. He tested whether our body (so, not our mind) reacted strong or weak to truth and validity of words, statements, assessments, views on self and life, emotions, etc. Our mind can be tricked (we actually see this all the time), but our body can not. Probably because it subconsciously connects to universal truth.

The Hawkins chart

When quantifying the qualitative states of being, we end up with the Hawkins chart, that is nowadays used in the spiritual world to explain the levels of consciousness. The higher on the scale, the higher the vibration and thus the level of consciousness. This also goes for e.g. books, institutions, ideas, methods, etc. Everything has a calibrated frequency, but it is not necessarily a permanent state. Humans have many different emotions within even a single day, scoring different on the scale. To score people as a whole on this scale, means where they are on average.
The whole map is a logarithmic scale from 0 to 1000. There is a crucial line at 200. Simply said, everything over that line will give energy, everything below consumes energy. Above we talk about allowing and self-sustaining power, below we find resistance and temporary force. The crucial line of 200 is basically the division of supporting life. Many emotions, views of self and of life, states of being, that are all common for most people, will fall below the line. Most people therefore live in a state that is unsustainable for life.

Raising your vibration

Raising your vibration (and ascension) means to consistently be in a higher state, having gone up the rungs. The spiritual world tells you, that you can race up the ladder. You can jump from fear to enlightenment, because that is what awakening is about. Do your 20 min yoga per day and post about it on social media. Meditate, do retreats, cleanse your gut, practice tantra, and don’t forget to take pictures and share with everyone how far you are.

Needless to say, this is not how it works. It is ego talking… and the spiritual world is full of it. That ego is almost always based on fear. But people that have connected to a False Light, often don’t know they have not really awakened. And their vibration will not have risen one bit, on the contrary even. Research shows that people on average, awakened or not, raise their frequency by 5-6 points over their entire lifetime. Truth be said, though… variance can be big, so some make a leap while others go back.

Deep personal insights and spiritual awakening may see someone temporarily gain several dozen points, but this temporary gain is different from being in a permanent state. A continued awakening will make a serious difference, though. For earthseeds this will be unexplored territory mostly, and therefore limited. Starseeds have already been way up there, so they should be able to reach much higher. Perhaps this is actually closely related to the mission of some starseeds. Just by waking up alone and being at this higher level of consciousness, they are already making a huge difference.

Putting some things in numbers

It is important to understand, that the scale on the Hawkins chart is exponential and not linear. Going up 5 points from 100 to 105 is very different from going from 300 to 305. Humanity as a whole calibrates just over 200, but 85% falls below 200. In other words: about 10% of the people carry as much weight as the remaining 90%. Furthermore… one person at 300 will counterbalance 90.000 people below 200. One person at 500 counterbalances 750.000 below 200. One person at 600 balances out 10 million below 200. And just one person at 700 counterbalances 70 million below 200.

This is crude mathematics, but the basics are sound. Let this sink in: if one person reaches the start of enlightenment (700), he/she counterbalances all people in Germany that calibrate below 200. Just one person! Now think of all the people in the spiritual world that claim to have reached enlightenment… ego bullshit, isn’t it? That ego-trip is fine and well for anyone who thinks they need it, but we have to be careful to not be sucked into these illusions. I know I’ve made that mistake in the past.

In his groundbreaking book “Power versus Force”, Hawkins says that only 0.4% ever reaches 540. Above that is not really recorded. Some theorize that the number of people that have reached 700 in the history of humanity, are not more than a few dozen. The first Buddha, Siddhartha Guatama, was most certainly one of them. His techniques and findings can still be followed to this day through e.g. Vipassana meditation. This is the way of dhamma/dharma. If it will enlighten you…? I guess it is a personal experience.

Calibration for starseeds

Things are different with starseeds. As I already said, they are from a place of higher vibration, but they can’t take that frequency with them into this incarnation. So, starseeds become two-headed. On one hand (or head) they have their true essence and high level of consciousness. On the other, they have their facade (ego) for life on earth. The standard way to test, is to work with the body, so they’d test like any other human. Only real channelers or mediums are able to ever measure their true potential, including frequency and origins (like race, star-system, and even karmic burden).

Some say that the purpose of incarnating on earth is experiencing low frequency emotions, or transmute emotions into love. Others say starseeds lift earthseeds in frequency by simply vibrating at a higher level near them, like ascension by proxy. I guess that all are true. One property of vibration (and energy) is, that it flows from high to low, eventually seeking an equilibrium. It is an universal law of energy. It is also why people develop differently in groups than alone. The group sort of mellows out the peaks of highs and lows.

Take care of your vibration

The balancing process doesn’t work well for the ones calibrating higher. When people go down in vibration, they experience less-pleasant emotions, and might even start feeling bad. In order to return to their former higher vibration, they need to completely disconnect, take time, and recharge. Being with someone who’s in low vibration, will make you feel depleted and depressed. To then go into solitude, nature, or anywhere away from them (and other people), will allow you to recharge. Unfortunately, we can’t always stay away from those low vibrations permanently. But where and when you can, it really is self care to do so…

For most earthseeds, the steps to raise vibration are incremental but slow. Every lifetime, every incarnation, they go hardly more than a baby-step up. For starseeds this is all relative, because in their true essence, they’re already far beyond earth experiences. However, if they came to experience low vibrational emotions and transmute them, I think that is how we should consider them. Not to their potential, but to what they’re actually doing here and now. A potentially genius book is worthless if it is never written.

To be authentically you

So, it is not about one’s potential level of consciousness, but how that consciousness is put to use in the here and now. Being aware that you are a starseed, will not make any difference for anyone on its own. The question then becomes what you’re going to do, now that you know. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t claim there is a specific right and wrong here. If anything, I would say it is all about being authentically you, whatever that may be. 
As easy as it appears to be, this is a real challenge for starseeds. You’ve been taught your whole life to be someone you’re not, that there is something wrong with you, and that you have to play the game to get ahead. You’ve seen insincerity, fake behaviour and dishonesty being rewarded, while kind and caring people were so often taken advantage of. Society celebrates masks and ignores what is underneath. People’s heroes are the ones that put up the biggest show, like movie stars, politicians and influencers. People are addicted to social media, but forgot what being social means.

Shine your own light

If there is anything you have learned, it is that being authentically you, will get you hurt and disappointed. But this, too, is ego… my dear starseed, because it is a (false) belief. It is understandable, of course, but if you shine a false light, you only attract false people. It’s imperative to let it go, and take a ‘risk’. The only thing you have to loose, was not real to begin with, even if you’ve always thought it was. What you might gain, is far more important.

As soon as you are the authentic you, you’ll start vibrating at your own frequency. Anyone who is drawn to that, is meant to be on your path. The choices you make then, will always be in alignment with your true Self. Although you can’t permanently be in a super high state of consciousness, you will find yourself more and more often there. You will recognize when people are not good for you, even if they seem okay at first sight. And you will not per se think or feel what is right, but you will somehow always know. That is what it means to be in alignment with your true Self.

I know this isn’t easy. Believe me, I’ve been there myself. I struggled with this enormously. I was full of doubt and fighting many old beliefs. This was even more amplified when I was with my narcissistic partner, who was pushing all my buttons to activate all of my triggers. But I worked through it, and so can you. Please know you don’t have to do it alone. If you’d like to receive a bit of support, perhaps this could be one of the goals we can set for our sessions.

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