The power of our heart

“The most beautiful things in the world can not be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”
Helen Keller


Before we go into stories and details about this subject, let’s first make sure we set some definitions straight. Many people confuse the term power with some sort of force or external energy that is brought onto something. The word power is also easily associated with domination and bad intentions (like the military). And usually it’s considered as conditional, as in: “you can only have power if this and that”. But none of that is true. Everyone is powerful, but we were all taught to believe the opposite. We’ll get into that later.

The other definition to get clear, is that of our heart. It’s more than a specialized muscle that is cyclically and rhythmically contracting inside our chest. As a child I learned our heart is the very centre of our personality, and the source of feelings and emotions. When we fall in love with someone, we love them with our heart. And when we break up, our heart suffers tremendous pain from this loss. We even have our heart broken, if we don’t receive what we desire. Some say the soul resides in our heart, as in… we are a body that carries our soul inside. Again, none of this is true.

There are many layers to understanding our bodies (yes, bodies… it’s plural). It’s far too much to share here. Besides, I know and fully understand only a fraction. But I’ll give you a model that should be sufficient to describe many elements and should cover most of the subjects. I encourage you to do your own further research. Keep in mind, though, that not everything out there is true. I hope some of my writings will help you to be aware of the difference.

What is power?

In his groundbreaking studies, David Hawkins explains power in comparison with force. We can put a long list together of subjects to see the difference between the two influences. It’s their source, their effect on society, how we feel about them, their interaction with the effected, the energies, etc. But let’s focus for now mostly on the essence of power.

Simply said, power is the innate ability of energies and intentions that promotes growth, dignity, support, positivity, righteousness, etc. Its source is motive, justice, principle, truth, unity, and it is ‘whole’ in essence. On the other hand, force costs or takes energy, it is often divisive, must be justified, and it is ‘partial’. Force is put on something and can feel like going against true nature, as if it doesn’t belong.

Sometimes we still need force to achieve certain things, but this almost always comes from our mind. We want or need something. The energies we use, feel limited and can deplete us. Whereas power never takes anything away from us. Some might say the energy for power comes from Source, which is basically infinite love. Power therefore works through our heart, making it, in essence, our connection to Source. And with that, to our purpose and mission in life.

Our existence on 3D earth is mostly based on force. We can’t simply give that up from one day to the other, because it is embedded in every part of our lives. But we can shift the balance. Once we see the difference between power and force, we discern heart from ego. We need to choose heart over ego again and again and again to connect with and then fulfil our mission. Start with understanding, then choosing, observing and discerning, and become aware of the changes over time.

The voice of our heart

There are basically two driving energies behind human actions and workings in the world. The vast majority of them is driven by ego. What ego is exactly, is a topic for another page/post, but there are some basics you need to understand now. Most of our feelings and thoughts are based in ego. They are our beliefs, the framework with which we see and experience the world, our perception and deep convictions. It is what we need to survive in this world.

But we’re also driven by our heart, which is more like an inner knowing or something similar to intuitive feelings. We are usually not aware of this, as if it all happens in the background. The voice of our heart is basically inaudible. I’d even say that any voice you hear, is by definition ego. The only exception is when our heart is warning us and says NO. Then, its voice is loud, and the message can’t be missed. Although, we often don’t listen and still continue what we were doing (another example of power vs force).

Our heart is a direct link to our true Self, which is close to what we consider to be the Soul. A strong ‘no’ from your heart is therefore often a signal that you are about to do something that will harm your essential being. Our actual Self is our physical appearance and it’s usually controlled by ego. Our higher Self may be fine with this, as it is the accumulation of all our experiences, including this one. So, you’re not doing anything ‘wrong’, or going against your essence, according to Higher Self… it’s just another experience. That makes a message from your heart all the more important.

When heart and mind align

I have talked about manifestation on various pages on this website. You could say that it is the result of that magical moment when heart and mind are in alignment. See heart in this case more of an energetic power behind us, and not so much as the unchangeable Soul. (Starseeds, this is an important realisation for our mission on earth, that could even lead to internal conflict.)

Usually our heart and mind ‘want’ different things. Visualize this as vibrations that are off in everything: frequency, amplitude, speed, period. It is rare for them to agree with each other, as everything has to come together. If this happens, we connect with a reality in which the thing we want, already exists. We then walk the path that leads towards there. As long as the alignment persists, we eventually get there.

Be aware, that this not only happens in relation to positive things, but also to fear and negativity. Worrying and limiting beliefs often keep us from manifesting (non-alignment). Also focussing on the road to the result, is not helpful, as it has the energy of not being there. We can even end up manifesting things we don’t want. 

You have to realize that everything is possible and everything already exists. Quantum physics and spirituality go hand in hand here. The reality we perceive, is just one of an infinite number of realities. Manifestation basically means to ‘travel’ from the reality you’re in to the reality that is similar, and also holds that thing you want to manifest. The closer a desired reality is to current reality, the faster the manifestation is realized. The other way around, if you want something that’s very different from your current reality, it will take very long.

Heart to heart connection

Although not literally, you could say that heart to heart connection is a connection between souls. We physically connect in sexual intimacy, mentally on an intellectual level, and also spiritually. This heart connection opens us to whole new depths, not just within ourselves, but also in experiencing (from) others. It’s a bit sacred, because it’s profound and very intimate (more than sex). It allows us to experience the very essence of each other. Btw, this also works with animals.

What happens, is that our frequencies are aligned in many ways. Our energy fields, often created from our heart space, recognize the similar or even exact frequency. This allows for amplification of vibrations when we align together. We notice this when our energy fields (or auras or bodies) get in direct contact. Usually we’re not aware of this, especially if we are used to being with many people in a small space. But when we all of a sudden align with one of the other energies, we immediately are aware of, and attracted to, the other (and vice versa).

We even adjust our vibration(s) to each other, if we choose a heart to heart to connection. Everything becomes so much easier, you know what the other is thinking, and it feels like you become one. Once we’re connected, we even experience this when we’re not physically close. 

But nothing lasts forever. The only constant in the universe is change, and we always change as we walk further on our path. Sometimes, we are meant to be together, until we no longer are. Our souls have had their experience, and now they’ll move on in different directions. When we feel the separation coming, we may try to fight it. But that’s like attempting to overcome power by force… and that never works.


Every action we take, is preceded by an initial intention (let’s just generalise in good or bad for now). In Buddhist teachings this is directly linked to karma. When our intentions are good, every action we take from that intention will be/do good and result in good karma. Likewise, bad intentions like greed or anger, will lead to actions that don’t do good and result in bad karma. 

This looks pretty straightforward, but it’s not as easy as it seems. It’s a life goal to collect good karma, so that when we die, we take this with us into our next life. To eventually escape samsara (the perpetual cycle of birth-rebirth), we need to grow with little steps in every lifetime. At the end of the growth, we find enlightenment and passage to nirvana. This works different for starseeds, as we (usually) don’t reincarnate on earth again. But that is a subject for another time.

Many of our intentions are hidden deep inside ourselves, in our subconsciousness. They are often part of ego, like our beliefs or frameworks of how we perceive the world. However, they are also connected to our mission and soul contract. It could be our soul’s desire to experience life as a perpetrator, a villain, someone who’s considered a bad person. Over different lifetimes we experience everything from all sides: good-bad, perpetrator-victim, rich-poor, helper-needy, etc.

This seems to go against Buddhist beliefs. On the other side, love is the overall power and energy, it is the ultimate light. But I do feel we need to experience the dark as well, so to appreciate the light. It is essential to understand and embrace our shadow side, if we want to truly do good. That is… if that is our soul’s mission.


We can also experience bad results from good intentions. If this happens, it is wise to meditate and check whether your intentions were indeed pure. Sometimes, you find layers underneath layers. Don’t beat yourself up over it, just be honest with yourself. The truth is already known and doesn’t judge (only humans do). When good intentions have bad results, you have done everything you could do. There may be higher reasons for whatever happens. It could also be the influence of someone else. Let it go…

You are only responsible for your own intentions, not for the result! This is important to realize, and I emphasize this often here, on my website. When you are emotionally attached to a result, or have any other expectation, you are throwing away energy. When you have expectations with half-hearted intentions, it will never work. You end up feeling disappointed. Once you reduce the importance and let go of your attachment to a desired outcome (expectation), you allow for things to flow naturally. And if it doesn’t give you the result you intended, you try again or try something different.

In the bigger picture this means to lead a life where you accept things exactly as they are. You do everything with good intentions and have no expectations of the result. Make sure your intentions are clear and focussed. Perhaps you can speak your intentions, for instance in affirmations, meditation or prayer. You may even start seeing the good in bad situations, or see beauty in people that do harm. When we do this with love and compassion, it comes from our heart. I promise you, you’ll see the world around us change. Or as Nelson Mandela said: “Thinking too well of people often allows them to behave better than they otherwise would.”

Heart to heart massage

I sometimes give massage sessions as GOIN Massage. Every session starts with establishing a heart to heart connection with my client. This allows me to better feel where my focussed attention and loving and healing touch is needed. My client also feels much more relaxed and looked after in a caring and safe way. Especially in the more intimate sessions, this is truly essential.

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