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What is Humalien?

The word Humalien is a contraction of the words Human and Alien. I came up with the name when I decided to write about being a starseed, which is in essence the same as being both human and alien. In my search to find myself and find meaning in who or what I am (and why it was this way), I had to go on my own spiritual journey. I have travelled quite a bit in my life, but the journey that leads me to my true Self, is by far the most important of all.

I haven’t searched in every corner of the world, nor behind every door I found. Neither did I master myself in one specific spiritual teaching or technique to expert level. But I have seen many things, and I can honestly say I don’t regret anything I’ve tried or done. I’ve kept what resonates with me and let go of what did not. I’ve learned so much, often from simply going with the flow and following the voice of my heart. It never answered all of my questions, and where It did, answers usually raised more questions. It became clear, that what I was looking for, could not be found in answers, but by simple acceptance and allowing things to ‘just be’. 

Thus I’ve found passion, beauty, love, compassion, and sometimes even joy. It helped me to not only accept many of the things that had happened throughout my life, but also to have the wisdom to see them for what they are and to find peace in knowing that everything fits into a divine plan. It makes no sense to try and control this plan, it would only be an exercise of ego, often based on fear. There is always free will and I can choose to not follow my path. But why would I stop myself from experiencing and doing exactly what I came to earth for in the first place…? In stead of searching actively, I’ll just allow myself to discover whatever and whenever it is ready to be revealed, knowing that everything will happen with divine timing.

Sharing my story

It was clear to me, that I need to somehow share my experiences, for instance in a book or website. I had some crazy years behind me, and I had quite a few stories to tell. Little did I know at that time, that the craziest times were still ahead of me. When I started to write, I was first desperately trying to explain these insights from my scientific background, spiritual understandings that came to me, and my life experiences. I felt a need to express what was going on inside my head to make sense of things, reaching out to others at the same time. My own wanderlust had shown many parallels with the spiritual journey, so it made perfect sense to consider my story as sort of a travel guide.

Let’s first go into the past. For most of my childhood, I have felt alone and misunderstood. I didn’t fit in, I was the exception to the rule, school and society never made any sense to me, and I felt restricted in my freedom. I didn’t know then what it meant, but I had this intuitive knowing that ‘things just didn’t make sense’. If my words resonate with you, there is a good chance you’ve experienced these feelings, too. What I would’ve liked, especially as a child, is to have known then what I know now. For instance, that my intuition is a powerful tool, and a direct way communicate from my heart. Also, to know that I am never alone, that there is nothing wrong with me, that I am perfect as I am, and that I am always loved…

Until about the time that I started writing, I’d never felt that. Of course, my parents loved me, and I had a couple of good relationships which were based on love. But I also often attracted people that were out to deceive me or take advantage of me. This, I now know, were my still unhealed part(s) screaming to be acknowledged and healed by my own light. By sharing my stories, you might take inspiration from them or find strength in them, especially if you have been through similar experiences. Please, don’t get me wrong, this is not to tell you what to do or to keep you from experiencing things yourself… on the contrary. But this bit of light for when it’s dark, might get you through these things a bit easier and just as well.

Where do you shine your light?

It has been dark recently, and it will be even darker in the future. With the deep division of humanity since the summer of 2023, the ones that are not stuck on the other side of the door, where vibrations are low and chaotic, get to decide how and where we shine our light. Humalien is my attempt to shine my light, and hopefully attract people that resonate with that frequency. This could be from my story, from my past, from my path, but I also hope to find people that resonate with where I am now. So, it is about shining my light as I am, as I feel, as I create, as I desire to connect…

There’s one thing I must warn you about, though. If you shine your true (divine) light, you will learn that some people can’t stand that light, or want to take that light from you, even try to put your light out. You don’t need to fight them, that will only diminish your own light. See them for what they are, and they become harmless. It’s difficult if they are a loved-one, but this will happen. Also, things that have been with you for a long time, might all of a sudden look different in this new light. Again, you see them for what they are. Be prepared to let go of everything… and I mean everything. To not put importance to it, will allow you to not be attached, and thus… will give you true freedom, where anything can exist and all is good.

You can read more about some of these things below, in the sections Why is Humalien and Who is Humalien. There are also some links you can click from there to read more. I like to write and I’m happy to share, and I’m not afraid to use a lot of words… it is who I am. Simply said, there is a lot to read, if you want to. If you don’t feel resonance with what I write, you are still welcome to read, but I doubt if it would ever work in a session. Nonetheless, I will be happy and grateful for any feedback. Speaking of sessions… that, too, is a part of Humalien. If you feel resonance and connection and you want to work on something from different and objective perspectives, it might be good to work together in one or more sessions.

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