An inside job of bubbles, reality and awakening

If we know that “everything is already inside us“, how do we get it out? And if we’re antennas that receive some illusion of reality, why does everyone have different experiences? Entire groups seemingly live in anomalous realities, and are unaware of anything else. Perceived and ‘objective’ reality is comparable with Virtual/Augmented Reality. Artificial Intelligence is already everywhere, but we often don’t realize. And honestly… can you tell the difference? Most people live inside real-life prisons they’ve build themselves, and have no intention of moving out of. Yet, we can still choose freedom and live in abundance and joy… the key word being ‘choose’.

The world we perceive, has certain governing laws, like physics, biology, and the mother of all: mathematics. Our world also becomes limited by these sciences, when they’re the only tools we have to describe that world. The boundaries of perceived reality arise from the limitations of the tools used. Most focus only on what’s outside, even though biology deals with our physical body and psychology with our mind. We do the same with the spiritual world (inside). Like the twelve universal laws or seven, actually eight, hermetic principles, and everything derived from them. They basically trump the scientific world-view and explain how the universe works from spiritual perspectives.

There’s still a big difference, though, between ancient/traditional spirituality and the modern or western (thus commercial) views. All these laws are sufficient to describe the world directly around us, but not what’s behind reality. How can we describe something that goes beyond all of them? If we’d draw away that curtain inside ourselves, we’d first see our own ‘Wizard of Oz’ cocking up projections and illusions. He entertains us with wild and childish fantasy-delusions, that even surpass Hollywood and Tel-A-Vision. The uncomfortable secret is, that wizard… is you.

About the box

I’ve seen many people over the years going through a spiritual awakening. Although actually, awakening is plural and a lifelong process, that by definition has no end. I also saw how easy it is for people to connect to False Lights during their awakening stages. Since most people are unaware of this, they may base their entire world-view and spiritual path on that light. They’ll then often end up moving in circles, eventually never going anywhere. Especially when this happens with a loved one… it’s painful to see.

Modern spiritual principles are misused (with underlying interests) to tell a story, which is only partly true. There is enough truth to lure people into some belief-system, but it’s the non-truth that keeps them stuck in there. Even the illusion of breaking free can be part of that process. Many break out from their prison, only to realize eventually they’re now trapped inside a bigger cell. So, then… did they really break free? They only underwent the illusion of an awakening. Their newfound freedom is relative, and it serves as an excuse to convince themselves otherwise. Believing you’re free, is the biggest entrapment of all.

False awakenings seemingly raise and expand awareness, and they’ll make people appear to vibrate higher. But they’re just as stuck as the ones that are still asleep. Ego works as a double-edged sword as a result, manipulating them to denounce truth and practices, that would otherwise help them truly wake-up. People not only build their own prison, they also become their own guards. Often this is not about keeping the prisoner inside, but about keeping truth and freedom outside. Many people believe they’re free to choose, but answering multiple-choice questions is not freedom-of-choice. The walls of our cells need not to shift or move, but to dissolve.

Collective bubbles

The idea that we live in a virtual world where nothing is actually real, seemed crazy to me at first. But this ‘holographic projection’ is probably the best way to describe how we experience reality. Elsewhere on this page I’ve already discussed why there is no such thing as objective reality. There are only subjective experiences, and we all live inside our own reality-bubble. You could say that overall reality is thus like a foam, which consists of countless bubbles. Each bubble is individual, but there’s also unity, as there is connection and even interference between the bubbles.

Our bodies work as a receiver (and transmitter) for vibrations of other bubbles, a group of bubbles, the foam as a whole, and even forces from outside the foam. How we translate these vibrations into our personal sensations (like emotions and thoughts), is an individual experience. Even if people go through the same experience as a group, every person reacts differently. Only when they interact and (non-)verbally communicate, they adjust to each other. What happens then, is that they actively adjust their frequencies to one another.

This also works the other way around, as the foam vibration is a perfect example of collective unconsciousness. There’s collective knowledge within the foam, that we can’t really pinpoint to a single source, but all bubbles are aware. Many restrictions we experience as individuals, actually come from these collective fields. These limiting beliefs and ideas (including religious/cultural customs and traditions), have been there a long time. The false awakening of many people is to break out from this, only to replace one belief with another. The foam keeps providing. When raising your frequency, you’ll just receive new beliefs from the foam. As long as the perceiver (i.e. you) doesn’t really change, this process goes on forever.

Collective (un)consciousness

It’s difficult to become aware of these forces, but we can see their indirect influences on us. At some point we just ‘know’ they are there, even if we can’t put our finger on them. It’s this knowing that starts to make the real difference. We can start to see patterns in the collective, because we’ve now become aware of our reaction to them. We are receivers of the collective vibrations and our behaviour is a mirror or monitor of this. This is an essential realization in any profound awakening. You first become aware of yourself and your behaviour. Then later, you’ll understand the nature of your relationship with the collective through that behaviour.

Many of the beliefs of the collective are intended to keep you in the state you are in now. The collective doesn’t like deviants and outliers, because they might change the existing status-quo. Some quirky eccentrics here or there are no threat, as long as they don’t transmit their vibrations of alternative insights. Those frequencies are undetectable for most (they won’t resonate), but some may align and start seeing things from new perspectives.

The collective doesn’t need to police this, we do this completely inside ourselves. There are people/groups with interest, though that amplify such limiting beliefs. If we are unaware of this, they’re like computer programs running in the background. In reality though, they’re powerful systems-of-belief that we often consider to be ‘normal life’. We only see them for what they really are, by going deep inside ourselves. Some people get to this level when their outer protection breaks apart. For many of them, this dark-night-of-the-soul is the hardest time in their life. To dissolve the walls from the inside out, people sometimes take psychedelics, or use profound spiritual practices and meditation techniques (like Vipassana).

Tear down the wall

The dissolving walls often feel safe and comfortable, because we believe the world outside is unsafe. It doesn’t matter if it really is, what matters is how we feel about it. And comfort becomes confinement when we raise the walls up high. They shut out everything that challenges our status-quo of beliefs. Eventually though, our circle becomes so small, that all around we can only see reflections of ourself. This is similar to the algorithms (AI) on social media. We may feel we are connected, but in truth the exact opposite is happening. This is part of the prison we built for ourselves.

Having your walls destroyed from the outside, is a perfect moment to make necessary changes in your life. But there is also the risk of going in the exact opposite direction. What emotions get triggered in times of crisis? At that moment your Wizard of Oz shows you fear, lack, loss, loneliness, etc… what does that do for you? What programs start to run? Are they your own beliefs or do they come from (some level of) the collective? It takes a whole lot of guts to turn into the other direction in times like that.

It may appear you’re separating your own bubble from the foam, making you feel vulnerable and lonely. But that separation is not real. You’re always connected, only the level at which you connect is changing. Also, it’s not the strength, but the quality of the connection that matters. This quality changes with your frequency, but you’ll never loose it. So, focus on yourself… no need to worry about anything else. Raising your own vibration will make you loose the connections that don’t serve you any longer. You will then create new ones… and the quality of them will grow with you.

Bubble or foam

The collective is not just one worldwide foam. It can also be a specific country, religion, culture, all starseeds or just one race… anything that connects people. There’s power in being part of a collective, but it’s often also the basis of confusion and manipulation. When you focus on what sets one apart from another, it is easy to be set up against each other. Especially when we feel alone and insecure by ourselves, the relative safety and comfort of a collective is attractive. And when shit hits the fan, it’ll be easy to blame other collectives for what happened.

At the same time, if we don’t want to be part of a collective, it’s difficult to separate ourselves from that. Since the vibrations of the collectives are embedded in our personal bubble, they’re an integral part of us. Even if we denounce our entire heritage, they’re still part of our character, whether we like it or not. We also see this in the awakening process. There are mass-awakenings worldwide after the covid-scam, fake financial crises, false flag wars, climate scam, and imminent NWO. Many people in the forefront of fighting this, come from countries with historic backgrounds of genocide, poverty, and oppression. Even after several generations, they feel a profound call for responsibility and take action against injustice.

Here the differences between bubble and foam become somewhat obscure. Perception of reality is individual, we’ve already established that. The foam influence is not directly cause-and-effect, and passes over lengths of time. So, the foam doesn’t define its bubbles, but the individual experiences of bubbles are not separate from the foam either. Every bubble is connected to countless foams, creating an infinite amount of combinations. This makes every bubble unique. Only for limited moments will bubbles resonate and experience the same.

Leaders or tyrants

The fact that many people around the world have started their awakening at the same time, is no coincidence. This vibration goes through the foam and whoever is ready, will receive its call. They can no longer justify the difference for themselves between what they see and what they know to be true. This becomes like domino’s that topple over. They see the poisoning of our food, manipulation by lying media, screen addiction of children, growing inequality, abuse of financial power, digital identity, climate-engineering, credit scores, mandatory vaccination, separation of people, etc. There’s no denial possible that it’s all connected and it all serves some overall agenda.

Although this could be a beginning, it’s not the awakening we really need. After all, manipulation and control of mankind has been going on for millennia… only the methods are new. People have often welcomed the control, because it meant they’d receive protection. Follow the elders, royalty, noblemen, democracy, religion, or whatever ruler at that time, to find purpose and meaning. Life was simple and in many ways, it was therefore also better. And if people were lucky, their rulers were also leaders and not tyrants.

Much of this mentality is still embedded in the collective unconsciousness. The manipulation of the church, the-powers-that-be, and many other (even democratically elected) institutions, is that they abuse this for their own benefit. They’ve made us believe that our innate power, purpose, and identity are all outside ourselves. “God is in heaven, workers need orders, people have to be controlled, we crave likes and shares”. That’s not leadership, that’s spiritual abuse through toxic dependency. Humans are also put up against each other, making it even more difficult to discover the power we have together. Many bubbles within the foam will simply relay and even amplify these messages.

You choose

Truth is, however, that real power is within us, that we find purpose ourselves, and that identity is not dictated. These realizations are part of the real awakening humanity needs. We are meant to become fully aware of the properties of our bubble and its relationship with the foams. We’re individual bubbles (separate), but we’re also part of the foam (unity), and one does not rule out the other. You’re under constant influence of the collective, but you’re also the only one who decides and chooses in your life.

On other posts and pages I’ll go into the steps of awakening, because there is much to say about this subject. This post is mostly about the metaphor of the reality bubbles and the foam of consciousness. Knowing the truth is key to freedom, and there is always individual freedom to follow your own truth. Everything you do, whether you want or not, will have an influence on others around you. Your realizations may become the thing that gets someone over the hurdle to their own awakening.

This also means that you are free to remain asleep, just as you can choose subjection to oppressive forces. You may even choose to connect with false lights. Be aware that all these vibrations are part of the collective, too… just like the Christic path. Whatever you choose, however, you are never free from the consequences of your choices. This also goes for the effect they have on others, directly or through the collective.

If you would like to talk about your own experiences and processes, or if you could use a bit of help getting through some difficult stages of your awakening, please contact me. I offer sessions and even private retreats, especially for starseeds, to dive deep into what is going on.

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