One of the great contradictions of our time

We live in a truly challenging era, but the biggest challenges are not what many people might think. We’re now witnessing the greatest crimes against humanity in modern times. Despite the majority still being more asleep than ever, many people have started to wake-up. The endgame of the elite is failing, but it’s not over yet. We’ll see some convulsions in the beast’s death throes in coming years. Please, don’t underestimate this, because the consequences and ramifications of these events are profound and potentially very dangerous. This isn’t some fight for social justice or political power… this has become the battle to protect our soul.

It’s normal to be exhausted when you start your awakening. Many are also numb and paralyzed from the fear mongering and continuous stream of ‘bad news’. Even if you see through the lies and deceit, it doesn’t mean they won’t effect you. You now see the world behind the illusion as well as the illusion itself, like being in two realities simultaneously. It takes time and energy to adjust to the new reality. Also, false light teachings in modern spirituality can lead people astray during their awakening.

And this is still only the beginning. The awakening process is often slow and needs solitude, intent to change, and a safe environment. You have to release all importance of who you are, to discover your true essence. You need to be willing to let go of all you have, to become fulfilled and free to enjoy richness and abundance. And you must forget everything you think you know, to (re)connect with universal truth and real wisdom. The awakening process is not about learning something new… almost all of it is about un-learning and simply remembering. It’s about the healing, release, collapse, and eventually transmutation of (false) beliefs.

The thing about change

Many people want things to change, like the economy, nature, politics, the whole system. They see pollution, poverty, war, hunger… so much injustice and inequality in the world. After all, there’s enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed. When people are in need of something they don’t have, they look at the ones that do. They then want things to be different… they want what others have… they want them to change. Part of the human condition and deep belief in the collective consciousness, is that everything happens outside of us, outside our bubble. When we want things to be different, we actually want everyone to change except us.

This is amplified by the fundamental idea of ‘us versus them’, with us by definition as the good guys. When the system works in our favour, all is well. But if our needs change, that same system suddenly works against us. Yet, the only thing that has changed, is on our side. In fact, the only thing we can change, is ourselves. Sure, it’s not impossible to change things in the world outside. However, this often takes large amounts of energy. When focussing on ourselves we only use our intrinsic powers, but for the outside world we have to apply force.

Even with the best intentions and enormous amounts of love and dedication, we could never change someone else. We also can’t change whatever happened in the past. Nor can we change the great machines of modern society. But we can change how we react to someone, or if we have compassion for them. We can change how we look at past events, or how we feel about them. We can also decide where we put our attention and energy, and choose to (not) participate and consent to something.

Believing beliefs

No one physically forced you to grow up exactly how you did, but that’s not the same as developing in freedom to be(come) who you truly are. Most of the influences that effected you, worked through at subconscious levels. Yet, they’re building blocks nonetheless, and you’ve build your house with them. In fact, these ‘unspoken stones’ are likely part of the absolute foundation of that house. We think we were free to build our own, unique house exactly how we wanted to, but we were not. When you look around, you’ll realize that many people have build houses that look very similar.

Growing up, you were part of many collectives, like family, school, town/city, sports, friends, country, etc. One way or the other, they provided the templates you used to make sense of the world around you. These are the same frameworks you used to measure everything that came later in life… and you still do that. You’ve watched what people did and you learned from them. Others told you directly what they expected. But mostly, you’ve unknowingly picked up from the collective. We quickly learned that doing what others do, gets us rewarded and that makes us feel safe. That need to feel safe is key in our development.

Many of these beliefs reach deep into the structure of our foundation. They define what we see and perceive, even how we feel about that. They therefore ultimately become our limitations as well. “A bird born in a cage will think that flying is a disease”. Even without literally being told, we learn that everything is limited, trust needs to be earned before given, there’s not enough for everyone, bad things only happen to bad people… and most importantly, that love is conditional and that everything happens on the outside.

Religion and other false lights

All this fear of the outside keeps us from looking inwards. Yet, when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. Or like Anais Nin said: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”. Humanity has become pathologically obsessed with their outside world, especially through social media. They worship illusions, fake people, false realities… meanwhile abandoning and denying their inner world. It’s an absurd contradiction, which gets amplified through manipulation and falsification of collective belief-systems. The focus on the outside keeps us from our true Selves and discovering our innate powers.

One of the most prominent ways to do this, has been through religion. Every religion places their deity(s) as source of power outside of us. He/She/They also judges us, looks at us (outside-in), and only loves us if we abide by the imposed rules. Most (Christian) religions are basically a collection of pagan stories, that were moulded into an overall narrative. That narrative has many parallels and overlap with the narratives of modern spirituality. People feel safe because they only need to adhere some (un)written rules to get to heaven or 5D, respectively. Following these rules becomes more important than living from their heart. Also, religious/spiritual ego allows them to avoid responsibility for their own actions, words and decisions.

By definition, the narratives and beliefs colour (and distort) our own perception. You can see this as lenses or filters for the frequencies we absorb. Various beliefs from different collectives distort everything we perceive, and then we project them onto ‘the outside world’. As a result, we constantly confirm our own beliefs, because we perceive those projections as reality. Eventually, we end up living our lives within their limitations, and tell ourselves “that’s just how the world works”.

Double false beliefs

These beliefs are no coincidence, and the psychological manipulation behind their reinforcement and amplification is serving the same purpose. To believe everything is outside, keeps people from discovering their true, innate powers. Those powers would allow them to create their own reality and happiness, instead of accepting ‘the-way-things-are’. They’d be able to transmute trauma and karma, also from past lives and the collectives. They would make their own decisions, based on truth and freedom, which is the essence of Love from Source/God/Universe.

People that live in truth and freedom will become aware of the manipulations. The real powers-that-be (not the politicians) have no interest in that. They want people that can be controlled into doing what they want them to do. That concept is as old as humanity itself. The ones in power want to stay in power, even gain in power. We may believe this is about money, but that’s only a means to an end.

The freedom democracy claims to give people, is also nothing more than an illusion. Multiple choice questions are not freedom-of-choice, and there are many other restrictions keeping people from true freedom. Spiritual freedom-of-choice is often an illusion, too. The decisions of most are heavily influenced by karma and belief-systems. Generally speaking, people can only choose freely from a stable level of consciousness above 200/250 (Hawkins Chart).

As long as people falsely believe they’re free, they can’t see the walls of their prison, let alone want to escape. They think they’re making their own decisions, while they actually do exactly what they’re supposed to. No need to promote options… just make them believe their decisions come from their own thoughts. Ego takes care of the rest. Ironically, any change then becomes a threat to their safety, especially if it would bring them true freedom.

Encoded limitations

These constructs are deeply encoded in our essence and DNA. This is connected to the fundamental battle over human consciousness, going back to the creation of this human race. Without going into details now, please realize that the Anunnaki have created humans to be their labour slaves. They genetically modified humans to suppress their innate freedom by making them believe false limitations. These beliefs still resonate with most of us through the collective consciousness. The majority want to be controlled, because if you believe the outside world is dangerous, control is safer than freedom.

If the-powers-that-be openly oppress people, they’ll resist and fight their oppressors. The trick is to manipulate them into wanting what they want them to want. The powers-that-be make freedom scary and push the belief that life is about suffering. They make things like food, energy, and medical care into a scarcity, to control the needs of people. Then they present themselves as ‘caretakers’ and hand out scraps and crumbs. People will be grateful. They’ll even honour and protect their oppressors, because they now see them as saviours and guardians. This is not only the basis of many religions, but also of capitalism and democracy. It’s one of the major motors of ‘the system’.

The man in this NYT-cartoon is hungry and wants to fulfil his needs (bread). He accepts this must be difficult, so he’s totally focussed on survival, being too distracted to desire freedom (key). Many people choose fulfilment over freedom, exactly like with addictions. The idea to have both and take the bread by choosing freedom first, won’t cross his mind. Possibly, he sees the bars as protection from the outside world – that dangerous place of scarcity and survival. He feels safe behind bars and will probably never become aware he’s actually locked up.

Control through beliefs

We recognize many collective society beliefs in that cartoon. Life is difficult. There’s constant suffering and struggle to survive. There’s not enough for everyone. We also see short-term fulfilment chosen over freedom (addiction has many faces). And freedom means uncertainty and danger, so survival is at stake. That’s why many say: “Better the devil you know than you the devil don’t”. Many people that reacted to the original cartoon said they’d choose survival over freedom. I guess that proves my point exactly.

By keeping people in need, they can’t see the bigger picture… and they don’t want to see it. If they would, they’d realize there’s no problem, which isn’t in the interest of the-powers-that-be. Whoever control the needs, controls the masses. Politicians, big corporations, and especially the elite behind them all, create crises to attain and expand control. They use mainstream-media to build an illusion of problems and scarcity, to justify pre-prepared measures that ultimately serve that same elite. This goes for food, energy, ‘safety’, healthcare, housing, even spiritual sustenance.

People voluntarily took experimental ‘vaccines’ against a basically harmless threat. They either believed that threat was real, or feared the social repercussions of not-taking it. Either way, they made their own decision, mistakenly believing their personal choice was well-informed. Many said they wanted the shots mandated for everyone. Some got so scared, they called to “hunt contrarians down and lock them up, deny them basic needs, take their homes, even kill them if they’d still refuse to comply…”

That’s how far some were willing to go to defend their (false) beliefs. The people-in-power didn’t need to vilify the free thinkers, the prisoners did all that by themselves. The same happened with 9/11, basically all crises since, and especially now with climate change. Humanity has learned nothing from the past…

Disconnect from our heart

There’s no simple solution to the world’s problems, also because those problems are highly complex. Many call for all people to stand united, support each other, and fight against ‘the evil powers’ together. But that is just as naive as it is counterproductive. Any achievement would be a symbolical victory at most. It’s the same energy in a different form. The tools we use to build a house, are useless as tools to tear it down (and vice versa). Hatred and fear are no foundation for anything constructive.

There’s also no need for more violence in the world. Mahatma Gandhi said: “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind”. Needless to say, ideas of revenge and retaliation come from the collective consciousness. They get amplified by Hollywood and TV, where revenge and hatred are portrayed as just causes and glorified incentives to normalize violence. Those low vibrations distract us from what is possible and right.

As long as people are distracted through their mind and emotions, they won’t connect with their heart. Yet, the heart is exactly where we can find the beginning of a solution. This is why the elite in power don’t want people to connect with their heart. The heart is the link with our identity, soul and true power, it’s the gateway to love, truth and freedom. This is why false lights from modern spirituality are so dangerous.

Many of the age-old hardships of humanity come down to disempowering people. Social media, Hollywood, fear-porn, dehumanisation… they’re distractions to marginalise and limit people. Religion has done this for centuries. Now, through the poisoning of our skies, waters, and lands (thus our food), we’re slowly being incapacitated into slaves without chains. Humanity is made numb, dumb, docile, and sequacious… (and infertile, but that’s for another post)

Take control… of yourself

A free man who believes he is in chains, is a prisoner… but what is a man in chains who believes he is free? He may not be physically free, but he is certainly no prisoner either. To disconnect from fear and limitation is the basically the same as reconnecting to power. People in (real or mental) prison can lose hope, creativity and joy. It’s no surprise that after their sentence many ex-prisoners find it difficult to return to and participate in society. Apart from financial reasons, the vibrations of life in grey (or simply dark) areas resonate better with their inner world. They subconsciously connect with that collective and risk moving in circles.

This is not a sentence for life, though, and this is why I use this example. Any kind of prison time is an ideal moment for very deep introspection. Vipassana meditation training (the teachings of the first Buddha) is now offered in some prisons. The training helps you to clean up a lot of karmic weight (sankaras) from this life and previous ones. By losing that weight, you become lighter (enlightened). Some prisoners now leave prison with a much higher basic vibration. This allows them to resonate and connect with lighter parts of the collective consciousness.

The exact same applies when people are in a mental prison, even if it’s their ‘dark night of the soul’. Inner work will change how people perceive and experience things. This starts with awareness and focus, to see the things for what they truly are. There’s no need to believe or learn anything, you just observe and accept. This is the basis of most meditation techniques. The more you do this without judgement, the more you connect with your heart. Then, things start to change, and that’s only the beginning…

Change inside to change outside

Inner work is, of course, much more than this… it’s only an example. But the essence remains the same. Observe and identify first, but make sure you don’t judge and condemn yourself in that process. Take responsibility for yourself, your actions and your words. When you’re in conflict with someone, ask yourself what you can do differently. Beware of ego, because it’ll try to blame the other for your bad feelings and misfortunes. Often, by doing the opposite of what you did at first, you achieve what you originally set out to do. So, change what you can and accept what you can’t.

This is by definition an individual process. You can’t achieve this by copying others or following this one special ritual that changes everything. That is spiritual ego and false lights. Also things like ayahuasca, mushrooms, and LSD are no magic cure or shortcut. They can be a catalyst, but the work still needs to be done. The new beliefs have to come from within yourself and you have to get there the hard way.

The individual process is therefore the first step in solving some of the world’s problems. Unity is an illusion and we consistently see the collective sabotaging change. This makes sense, because change threatens the collective until the moment when everyone would be aligned and ready to start changing. That’ll never happen, so we do the work alone at first, and one by one we move ahead. Perhaps we’ll inspire others to do the same. The more people are ahead, the more the collective starts to move up as well.

So, we come back to understand two of the great contradictions of our time. We can only change the world by changing ourselves. And we can only change the collective by changing the individual.

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