live your life as your truly are


Have you read about the background of Humalien? Do you understand what I can (and what I can’t) do for you? If you resonate with the things you read on this website, we may be able to work together. Perhaps you would like some insights in who you are… as a starseed… as a humalien. You may want to understand parts of the life behind you and the choices you’ve made. Or look ahead to the choices that are now in front of you. 

Do you feel you need to make a radical change, but you don’t know how or to what? It may be difficult to talk this through with people from your past and present. It’s as if they don’t understand and they’re attached to an old version of you, from before the change. They’re at a different level of consciousness, even if they’re family, your partner, long-term friends. This is unfortunately part of the new reality. It is where we see the divide within humanity. There is no use in fighting it, we need to adept to it.

Sessions as a journey

In the sessions I take you on a journey through your own awareness. We explore in depth what is alive inside of you. We also step back to look at things from a higher perspective. You may experience my questions as confronting and this can be unpleasant. Sometimes I’ll do to hold up a mirror for you, to eventually get to who you truly are. 

I invite you to be open towards everything that needs to be experienced in you (like thoughts, feelings, intuition, any sensation at all). Don’t worry about being strange or weird. You find an open and accepting heart and mind in me, whatever you say or do. Please know, that I do my very best to create a space for you that is safe and comfortable, where you can be vulnerable and transparent. You are unconditionally loved and accepted.

You can see the different sessions as a journey. Just choose a day trip, long weekend, holiday, or even an adventure around the world. We use video calls for our online sessions. I am also here for you outside and in between our sessions (via e.g. WhatsApp, email, or pigeon post). This contact outside sessions keeps me updated about everything I need to know. It makes the sessions more efficient. We’re also able to discuss things as soon as something comes up, and the emotions are still there. You don’t have to remain in contact… I’m just offering the option.

Personal approach

Whatever is going on, I am here for you. You are safe with me, you are heard, and you are taken seriously. Please be aware, though, that I’m not a psychologist, intuitive energy healer, or licensed trauma therapist. But I have quite some experience from a number of courses, trainings, and classes that I’ve followed. They have brought me much for my own life, and I am happy to share this all with you.

All sessions are online, unless you live in the area and prefer to meet and work in person. I don’t use one specific method or technique only, but rather adept to every single situation differently. After all, no two people, so no two situations are ever the same. I strongly believe that the secret to successful growth, lies at the individual level. We need to meet each other there, not in general methods or techniques.

It has taken me many years and a life journey that has literally taken me around the world, to meet people that speak the same language as I do. When I finally felt someone understood the things that went on inside of me, everything started to fall into place. I came home inside my heart… I finally saw myself for who I truly am. I’d be honoured to offer my guiding light in the form of insights and wisdom from my personal journey.

Private retreats

Apart from the online sessions, we can also meet live. Depending on your question(s) and needs, I offer a private retreat in the south of Spain. I live 50 km east of Málaga in Frigiliana, on the Costa del Sol. The area is ideal for retreats. During such a retreat, we can go much deeper into all areas, connecting all that is relevant to your path. We use a number of different techniques and activities to get to the essence of things. 

The Mediterranean Sea is 15 minutes south and there is a national park literally at my doorstep. We can go hiking in nature. We can also do more physical work with e.g. yoga or massage to activate your body and work directly on energies and healing. Massage sessions vary from a standard relaxation, to energy work, to high intimacy… but nothing is mandatory!

Every retreat is one-on-one, unique and personal. I don’t have a specific structure or time-frame for retreats, we decide together what is needed. Anything is possible… well, almost anything… but we can definitely talk about anything. Who knows what we can set up. Just ask me, and please be open and honest. Disappointments and unmet expectations can be a strong undertow in our emotions.



City trip

This option represents a single session, where you bring a specific question or topic you want to talk about.

Long weekend

When you questions are clear, we can arrange a number of sessions over time that are needed to work on the topic.

Domestic holiday

This is a condensed series of sessions to work intensely on one or more topics over a relatively short period of time.

Holiday home

After we have (successfully) worked together, we can schedule a meeting every now or then to keep up to date.

World adventure

Unlimited travelling with any number of sessions without time frame to work on whatever is alive and needs attention.

Retreat abroad

We create a custom designed private retreat for you in the south of Spain to intensely work together one on one.

working with humalien

Create your own travel itinerary

Decide your destination

What do you want to get out of the session(s)? What is your goal, and what would you like to find out? Or perhaps you just want to start first and then see where we end up.

Decide your milestones

When you're getting to your destination, which milestones do you truly need to tick on the way? Are you able to adjust your plans if the road takes some unexpected turns?

Costs and payment

Every person is different, so every situation is different. And therefore, every way forward will be different… thus is every payment. I don’t have any standard package and I don’t ask for something that doesn’t fit your situation. It basically comes down to… you pay what you can afford and what you feel is right. This may also change over time, and that’s fine.

Personally, I would not feel comfortable to put a price on what I’ve done in my life… it is priceless to me. It is also impossible to estimate what its value would be for you. In my massage sessions this is easier, because I can better compare my work with that of others. But not in this personal guidance (or coaching) sessions, as they are all unique.

Payment can be done in different ways, if necessary, but I prefer cash or simple bank transfers. I’ll provide you with all the details you need (and that I need for taxes and things like that). If you want, I can create an invoice, but this is not necessary for me.

I have a Dutch and a Spanish bank account (both in euros). I don’t work with any cryptocurrency (and I don’t want to). If we see each other live, for instance for a retreat, I would be very happy with payment in cash. As I’ve said before… you pay what you can afford, and it is possible to pay in instalments. Just ask about the options.

More about your journey...?