The door has closed

Shamans, channellers, healers and real spiritual teachers have seen this event coming for decades. Yet, no one knew when this would happen and what exactly would take place. Some translated the event as doomsday… the day of biblical rapture and with it the death of entire humanity. In the Law-of-one Ra talk about a similar process, called harvest. With the C-scam still relevant and one war after another as if they’re TV-shows, scenarios of the end of times are evidently visible in society. In the spiritual world many people foresaw the opposite happening. They expected humanity to mass-awaken, stop all wars, and become one as a human race, meanwhile saving the planet. Both sides are are missing the point.

Don’t misunderstand me here, because neither viewpoint is per se wrong. But they both make the same mistake of putting human life, including their own, at the centre of all things. This is understandable, as humanity have been doing this for as long as we can remember. Ego sees itself as the axis around which everything revolves… and there is something to say for that.

The scenarios of aliens visiting earth are not wrong, either. In fact, they have been here for longer than humans have, but that’s a topic for a different post. Point is that most people will never be truly able to understand from the level of perspective at which an event like this happens. It’s not a nice message to say or hear, either: “It’s done, you’re either in or out, and if you’re out… you’re fucked.” Let’s break a few things down and see if this resonates with you.

What is the door?

The path to ascension for humans is a painstakingly slow and difficult one. Over thousands of years and countless incarnations, few people have been able to go to the very end and reach the stage of enlightenment. In Buddhism this bodhi is the way out of samsara (the perpetual cycle of birth-death-rebirth-redeath) and into nirvana. With every incarnation humans slowly crawl up the ladder. They process old karma, create good karma for next lives, and loose ‘sankaras’ that weigh them down. This was, still is, and remains to be the escape out of ‘human suffering’. For the past 100-150 years there was also another way out. Many took this shortcut, but this is the door that has now permanently shut.

The industrial revolution on earth started getting attention from alien races in realities far beyond this one. In a very short amount of time, the population started to explode (and it still is). The balance of life was severely disturbed and humans started to destroy their own environment. This was not good, and it only got worse since. From roughly WWII, when mankind had the (nuclear) power to destroy the world many times over, aliens actively stepped in. Literally… as they couldn’t trust humans to be guardians of earth. It was the result of the genetic distortions by other powers, playing the human ego.

Waves of starseeds

One such intervention was the arrival of starseeds. From that moment, 1 in every 50-ish children born, was a starseed (read more). Starseeds are also known as wanderers, volunteers, and indigo/rainbow children. Several waves of starseeds came to earth to assist humanity and individual humans in their ascension. This all would culminate towards several major events, which have recently happened. This is one of the reasons why since more than a decade, basically all newborns are starseeds. Everyone wants to be on earth at this unique moment in time.

The first wave (WWII – early 80’s) created the path for others. They became wayshowers. The second wave (70’s – late 90’s) are like antennas and batteries, creating high vibrational bases for others. The third wave (early 90’s – 2010’s) are the ones that will actually do the work to change the world. Since 2011/2012 almost all newborns are starseed. That’s not really a wave… it’s more like a tsunami. 

Because they come from a higher level of consciousness, starseeds go through a ‘veiling’ process before incarnation. They can’t take their memories and ‘magical’ powers to earth. That would be cheating the process. Unfortunately, most starseeds never wake up during their life. Of the ones that do, many get hopelessly stuck (e.g. in mental illness or ego). They’ll never reach any kind of enlightenment, especially if they connect to False Light. They’ll often try to spread this misconnection and misinformation, because they falsely believe they are doing the right thing.

So, now what…?

A starseed awakening is different from that of humans, because they are, obviously, not (fully) human. What happens to starseeds after they die? Part of them is ‘stuck’ in earth’s samsara cycle, but another part has never left the higher dimensions. Do they split in two? I don’t yet know know the answers to these questions, but I’m beginning to understand. Now the door has closed, starseeds too are on one side or the other. Some will go somewhere else completely, while others stay on earth for many more incarnations. This could be exactly by their own choice… as in their soul mission.

So, knowing that the world has changed, what happens now on both sides of the door? On the side of the world (3D reality) we will see further increase of suffering. It is even possible that humanity finally succeeds in destroying earth… literally. Souls will still be able to escape, but only through great difficulty. Perhaps, for the ones that are ready for this (who have chosen this path beforehand), more suffering makes it almost ‘easier’. If things can only get better… well, you’d have nothing to lose.

People in the western world have, on average, a (scientifically proven) higher level of consciousness than in e.g. Africa. However, they’re also more stuck in the illusion of freedom, and find it more difficult to give up relative luxury. For the ones on the other side, this is not an issue any longer. Materialism, the need to get ahead, winning the rat race… it’s no longer relevant. That doesn’t make the opposite true, but there’s indeed no longer the urge to prove oneself. There’ll be no more need to compete at that level of consciousness, because we live mostly from the heart.

What do we do?

The times ahead are uncharted territory for everyone. People that could see the future (or possible futures), realize this is no longer possible. Timelines have merged and we need to create that future ourselves. The earth has split and most people remain where they are. The others will go ‘on’, moving further away from the majority. And we need to, otherwise the low level of consciousness of humanity could keep us stuck in limbo. We have to continue to grow… and we can.

Energy naturally flows from high to low, and seeks equilibrium. We don’t want that, but we can’t escape this law of nature. Therefore, it’s very important to protect your energy and stay away from people in a lower vibration. Sure, this is easier said than done, I understand. After all, most people are at that lower level. This may include your partner, children, friends, family. But if they are not where you are, they’re not good for you… and deep down you already know this.

As for myself, I’m not the type of person to live in a community or anything like that. Usually, I try to stay away from other people. But we also need each other and we still have to work and deal with 3D reality, which is not per se bad. We need to find a way to connect with each other on both sides. This is difficult on the other side, as we are few and far apart. I hope that sharing my stories helps us to find each other. 

I offer sessions to perhaps help and guide people through some of the steps and new processes. Check it out, we may be able to work together on that.

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