The mission of starseeds

Why did starseeds come to earth, with what goal, and why now? Social Media is overflowing with (mostly incorrect) stories, ideas, and techniques. Elsewhere on this website, I’ve written about how the starseed purpose is twofold, with a general and a personal mission. Most starseeds need to awaken several times, making it easy to mix up general missions and personal missions. Then there are also the major changes that took place in 2023, which basically changed everything into a time-before and time-after. It confused me too, and it took a lot of time to understand. So, let’s see what this means for the future.

I’m not a medium and I can’t channel any knowledge or wisdom, other than indirectly for myself. But I did my research and I consulted knowledgeable people about the subject of missions. If you’ve been looking for information yourself, you’ll surely have found out, that there’s too much out there. Most of it is contradicting each other and sometimes even itself. It’s difficult to discern what is true and what not. Especially knowing there is no such thing as objective reality. Also, spiritual ego (of ourselves and of online coaches) can sometimes be strong. I totally understand that it was difficult to find your way.

In my sessions I focus mostly on your personal mission. But to understand one in relation to the other, we need to go into the general mission(s) first. Any process of awakening to who you are, starts with understanding who you are not. Understanding what you carry around and care for, and why, also needs to ask what is yours and what not. I can’t tell you which is more important, but I do know that both missions make a difference. And we have an important task.

Starseeds versus earthseeds

A starseed is an individual who has incarnated on earth, but whose soul and origins are not of earth. There are countless worlds, realities and races, existing in dimensions/densities with (almost always) higher vibrations. Incarnating in 3D-reality is difficult, because this low dimension brings low vibrations. Yet, we consciously chose this, possibly for the experience of negative and destructive emotions and intentions. Starseeds can’t vibrate at their original vibration, because that’s not sustainable on earth. They often feel something ‘inside’, though, like they also feel confusion from the dualistic world around them. Their wisdom and true abilities are covered-up at birth in a process called ‘the veiling’. Part of starseed awakenings is about penetrating that veil (to some extent).

The level of consciousness of most people on earth is low. They are stuck in Samsara, a perpetual cycle of reincarnation on earth. They will slowly raise their level of consciousness over countless lifetimes, until reaching a stage of enlightenment, thereby breaking free from Samsara and proceed to Nirvana. This is spiritual reality for earthseeds. Basically everything from original spiritual teachings (techniques, wisdom, connection, and many meditations), is meant for earthseeds to get unstuck. This includes the activation of ancient and dormant DNA in the physical and non-physical planes, awakening ‘magical’ human powers.

Things are by definition different for starseeds. This can be confusing, because you feel that some spiritual processes are true… but it doesn’t work for you. Your first spiritual awakenings are bringing truth, but they will not set you free. It is not your starseed truth. Your being is different, as is your essence, your mission, and thus your truth. You can not awaken the same way earthseeds do. In fact, you may end up sabotaging your true awakening, even your mission, by trying to do exactly that.

Your personal mission

Some of the most important questions to answer in life, are: “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” I don’t have any illusions, that I’d ever be able to answer these questions properly for myself. But I’ve come a long way. Part of life’s challenges is to make it work with the knowledge and abilities you have at hand. For starseeds this is more complicated, because there are extra layers and limitations. One of the first things to do, in any case, is asking yourself who the ‘I’ in those questions is. And when you answer, who or what is/are saying: “I am… this or that”?

The answer should not come from your mind or be something you feel in your gut… that’s all ego. That’s the personality you built to survive (perhaps even thrive) in this 3D world. Don’t get me wrong, this is not bad or false or unimportant, but it’s not your essential being. The answer has to come from your heart. This is the connection to Source and your true Self (soul). Your answer changes over time, because you change, and because of that, your environment changes. Part of the awakening process is to see and understand yourself from constantly changing perspectives.

It’s important to not be influenced by expectations and opinions of others. That is usually about ego, or other limiting beliefs, often without people being aware of this themselves. If you look back on your life, there are usually tell-tale-signs along the way. They are indications and synchronicities, messages from Source (or your guides, higher Self, angels, etc.). They are signs to tell you to pay attention. What was in your heart at that moment? What do you feel now, looking back? This may be your answer… and when you know, you know.

Awakening to Light – Shadow – Self

To understand your mission and purpose, is part of the awakening process. This is not a one-time achievement, but a dynamic process, that you should ‘feed’ regularly. To awaken means to realize from a higher level of consciousness… understanding the ever bigger picture. Often you’ll ask yourself how you could have missed this before, but let’s not get into that. Raising your level of consciousness (your vibration) is not a permanent state of being. If you don’t change your behaviour and mindset, and if you keep dealing with issues at a lower level, you will drop back down again.

More importantly you need to understand that there is not simply one awakening, it’s a continuous process. It may continue for the rest of your life… and that’s okay. Many people nowadays are waking up to see the powers and processes that make the world run. The covid-scam caused enormous panic, but for many people this fear made them finally see through institutionalised falsehoods and manipulations. Where most people got more separated and afraid, others found unity and strength. Many of them went on to awaken to the realization that we are beings of light and love, that everything is energy, and we’re all connected.

But there are many steps from there, although it becomes increasingly personal from then on. Don’t get me wrong, most people never get to this stage. But it’s only the beginning… sorry to say it like that, but it is. We also need to awaken to our shadow side, understanding how we impact our life and environment. We realize we’re powerful and we manifest our own reality and happiness. Then, we can truly take responsibility for our own life. Later on, we understand what’s behind the curtain, we connect with Self and Source, and so on.

Awakening to our mission

It’s not my intention to just step over the awakening part, but it’s all so personal. I share some realizations in my blog, though I can’t describe what others can or should expect. Any truth about your mission and purpose on earth is not something you’ll find at the end of awakening. As I said, this process continues for the rest of your life, and you’ll learn many truths along the way. After all… it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey getting there. What matters is the quality of your journey and the intentions involved. When you dance, you have no place to reach, nowhere to be… you just dance and feel joyful because of it.

It’s the joy and the intention of your actions and thoughts that matter. That is where you experience higher vibrations. Hawkins’ chart of consciousness shows us that emotions, intrinsic motivation (intentions) and perceptions, all have specific calibrated frequencies. Lower frequencies go towards suffering, higher frequencies to ultimately enlightenment. I mentioned that the process of freeing oneself from Samsara (from slavery, if you will), is to raise your frequency. Change your inner world to ever higher vibrations. Move from shame, fear, lack and anger, to love, compassion, abundance and ultimately joyful bliss.

We know that starseeds come from higher levels of consciousness. So, we have already experienced these states of being, living in love and bliss. This knowing was just behind the veil. It’s a deep remembering, not of our potential (like with earthseeds), but of our true and real essence. It’s like a muscle memory, that has been dormant for decades, but can still get triggered. We may not be able to live in unconditional love and bliss on earth, but we can get far, and we’re influencing others on the way.

The general mission

Understanding why starseeds came to earth in the first place, automatically partially answers some questions about missions. This is somewhat discussed in About Starseeds. Humanity was crawling up slowly in collective consciousness for millennia, until it suddenly took off in the 19th century. The industrial revolution (and later the atomic bomb) meant that humans were able to do things that would effect the universe far beyond our 3D-reality. Besides direct alien intervention with nuclear missiles and some catastrophes, starseeds would be able to set things in motion from the inside out. They would guide the way for people, shine their light, and eventually bring around changes the world desperately needs.

But being born into this world without prior knowledge, nor access to abilities, this is no easy task to perform. It’s like driving an unknown vehicle, when you can’t see where you are, with one hand behind your back. Part of our starseed task (not yet mission) is therefore, to awaken to our true abilities. When you do, you automatically come to a state of much higher awareness and thus level of consciousness. Life becomes more positive, you’ll feel better, and somehow you feel more like yourself.

This may be a heightened state for earthseeds, but not for starseeds. In fact, the level of consciousness they’ve already experienced and lived in, is still much higher. But at least it’s no longer in the misery below 200. You’ll experience that people around you change too, as they are effected by your vibration. You become a beacon and the world around you raises in vibration. But there’s more than just this ‘ascension-by-proxy’, because you’re making it easier for everyone through the collective consciousness. People need no longer to crawl up over many lifetimes, they can now take proper steps and even jumps.

Morphic fields and quantum entanglement

Biological research has shown that when one rat learns a new maze, subsequent generations of rats (even on the other side of the world) learn that same maze faster. Other research shows that children learn new words or a song in an unknown, foreign language easier, if this is already known to other children. Information seems to become available instantaneously when it comes into existence, making new tasks easier when we tap into this.

This is related to quantum entanglement from the world of quantum physics. This basically states that “everything is connected”. Doing something in one part of the universe, instantaneously influences things somewhere else, without ‘physical connection’. Changing one thing, changes all. It explains why aliens were rightfully worried when humans gained nuclear capability to blow up earth 1000 times over. Human stupidity could severely effect countless realities.

Previous rats leave information about the maze in the collective conscious of rats. Subsequent rats therefore start with pre-information about a maze they’ve never seen before, thus solving it faster. Some world records in sports seem unbreakable for many years, until one athlete finally breaks that magical barrier. Within weeks, others break it too, as if was never difficult after all. The ‘multiples’ effect talks about scientific discoveries often being made simultaneously at different, independent locations. These phenomena are all connected.

In his work about ‘formative causation’, Rupert Sheldrake describes these phenomena through self-organizing and self-governing bodies. These are invisible fields of morphic resonance. Carl Jung talks about this in relation to humans as collective unconscious and ancestral memory. Our personal unconscious floats on the collective unconscious, much like an iceberg on the ocean. We tap into this collective unconscious without ever being aware of this. In quantum mechanics this field is called ‘quantum field’, zero-point field, or Source field.

Morphic resonance

It think this is actually part of the explanation for what happens with humanity in these times. Everyone has a choice to go forward (up in vibration) or remain where they are. Starseeds already come from a higher level of consciousness, so people can take example from them. It is the task of many starseeds not to push people up, but they can make it easier for them. Starseeds may lead by example, smoothen the transition, comfort the worries, and support the awakening of earthseeds. This does not have to happen actively, like being a teacher or coach, but simply by being happy as you are.

This may be the most important of all general missions of starseeds. By vibrating at a level that is higher than almost all earthseeds have achieved in previous lives, it becomes easier for them to make that step now. The higher vibrations are no longer new territory for humankind, only on an individual level at first. Also, universal laws prevent beings of high vibration to interfere at will, and force earthseeds into a higher consciousness. But by being part of humanity, starseeds ease their path forward by showing the way.

This morphic resonance happens subconsciously, and so it should. By interfering directly, you would connect with someone at an energetic level. Energy has the tendency (another universal law) to flow from high to low and even-out between two people. This means that with you being on a higher level, your energy flows to the person at the lower level. And you don’t want that. It’ll drain you, even though you can tap into Source and replenish your energy. There is also energy exchange, where you could end up receiving beliefs, emotions and even karma from the other person. Again… you really don’t want that.

The false light

Finally, it’s important to mention the existence of false light in relation to starseed missions. I’ve talked about this already elsewhere on this website, but we can understand it now from another perspective. Morphogenic fields are related to what I called the process of crystallisation. This process is not only personal, but also has an effect on the collective. If not directly, than at least by resonance. I’m afraid this also goes for the calcification process. This means that we can influence each other negatively, like low vibrational emotions in times of crisis.

But the effect of shining or mirroring a false light, has far greater consequences. Starseeds who have only partly awakened, will easily be drawn to false light, believing they are connected to Source. Some false lights might even be non-physical entities with bad intentions. Since it all happens at a subconscious level, like through dreams, most people never become aware of this. Some starseeds are convinced they’re connected to Source and consider it their mission to ‘help’ others awaken. In their often well-meant attempts, they can lead others onto what they believe is a Christic path. In reality it is a false light and people end up getting even more stuck in an inverted (fallen) matrix.

You’ll now understand that this not only happens actively. By just being, we’re already influencing the collective. It is our task as starseeds to make sure we do this correctly, and that begins by taking care of ourselves first. We cannot connect to false lights. We need to connect to our heart and understand our (personal) missions. And we need to make sure we live from high levels of consciousness. Only then and by just being ourselves, we are able to lift others up through the simple phenomenon of resonance.