You’ll have to become the centre of your universe

This will surely sound presumptuous to many, but it’s actually important to realize and understand. Nothing is real, accept what is alive inside you, and become aware of your projections onto the world around you. That you create your own reality, is not a cliché. Most people never find out how to master this, though. That’s not judgment or ego talking. Ego would be to limit yourself into believing you’re the result of outside influences, and that you have no control. But you’re literally the centre of your universe, and the world is a play on stage. You just forgot how to direct that play…

I intuitively know this is true, but how could I make it practical? How to translate (intellectual) knowledge into everyday life? And to what purpose? The spiritual world is full of good intentions, but also misconceptions and ego (read about False Light). Many spiritual people say we should be helping people and raise the frequency of earth. Thus, in my desire to do good, I should focus on others and the world outside me. But that can’t be right. I’ve also heard: “we are all one”, and “relationships of true love are about complementing each other”. And what about: “starseeds should dedicate themselves to helping humanity, even at the expense of themselves”.

None of these beliefs are true. Most are nice-looking but misleading dogmas. They may become a mental trap and even prison, unintentionally set up and facilitated by good intentions. We want to do good and think that focussing on ourselves is selfish and egotistical. But those are NOT opposites. That is actually a persistent false belief. The human experience is an individual process and so is the key to true Self. Let’s explore more in this blog. You may even find practical tips…

What is reality?

From the moment we’re born, we experience a separation of two realities. There’s the reality inside of us, where we (think we) experience emotions and thoughts. And then there’s the reality we perceive through our senses, the one we call the outside reality. We were literally told, that reality is the real one. But if anything, it’s the other way around. There’s no objective (outside) reality, anyway. Every person sees the same thing differently, making reality by definition subjective.

Take the story of the blind men and the elephant. Five blind men are asked to touch an elephant and describe the animal they can’t see. One man touches the trunk and says the animal is a thick snake. The one touching its ear thinks of the elephant as a fan. The third puts his hand on a leg and describes a tree trunk. Number four feels its side and claims it’s a wall. When the fifth holds the tail, he’s certain the elephant is a rope. All of them are right, but none of them is even close to describing an elephant. Not even if you put all descriptions together.

Reality is what we perceive through the senses we use. The blind men used only touch, yet all had different perceptions. Would they use smell, they’d probably easily agree. To describe an elephant, its smell alone would not be enough, though. Even with all our senses (touch, sight, hearing, smell, taste) we couldn’t describe an elephant properly. The five senses could never describe its majesty and grace, or its wisdom and personality, of which we all become aware. There are more senses than the classical ones. They are equally important, and sometimes more adequate and efficient. I think we forgot how to use those senses… but we can learn again.

Colours from trauma and belief systems

Senses also differ greatly between people, and are highly influenced by personal experiences. Think of every experience as a piece of coloured glass in your unique stained glass window, that filters all light. Some people would perceive rainbows, others see patterns and shades of one colour, and some seem to put a blindfold on. Every time we have any experience or awareness, we stick a label on it. There are many labels, but they basically come down to either good or bad. From that discernment, we like that reality and desire more. Or we don’t like it and will avoid. In other words, we develop attachment to the perception of reality through our experiences.

The colour of each piece of glass is the result of specific experiences and the qualities with which we remember them. It’s easy to understand how traumatic experiences have a negative impact on the way we see them. But this also goes for what we associate with that experience, even if this happens subconsciously. That particular piece of glass may not even be just coloured, it could also be shaped differently, working as a lens. It converges into a focal point, or it chaotically disperses light all over the place.

This not only works for trauma, but for every experience. They don’t even have to be our own, we easily collect colours (and shapes) in everyday life, especially growing up. The collective consciousness, belief systems, ego… they all bring their own pieces. But we don’t need to accept and integrate everything that’s forced upon us. It’s your own stained glass window… are you not in charge of what goes in, and what not? If you don’t like red, don’t accept red, or change it into a colour you like. You’re the one putting the pieces together.

The reality inside

The magic happens inside. You are never objectively aware of what really goes on outside of you. Everything you experience passes through the glass filters, colouring what you see or look at. With every person having their own window, this makes the outside world different for everyone. It’s also clear that our experiences always ‘paint our colour’ on what happens outside. If our window is like dark sunglasses, we perceive the world as dark. Rainbow windows make it appear there’s variety everywhere. We also have blind spots and spots that get magnified or reduced.

The good thing about this, is that you are indeed in control over your own window. No one can change it or take anything out. People may keep showing up with new pieces of glass, but they cannot put it in your window. Only you can. If you ignore a piece, it’ll just lie there, unused, doing nothing. Eventually, it’ll get lost, crushed, or disappear somehow. We’re used to putting just about everything inside, because that’s what we were taught as a child. After all, it’s how we learn. And not just out of curiosity, learning is a primal need to feel safe and control our environment. This part of us is a subtle but deeply rooted part of ego.

You don’t need to go through therapy or do drugs to let go of this. You simply decide what you want. There’s no trick to it, no technique, only a decision. Meditation can be beneficial, but it’s not necessary. If you decide to have the intention to be in control, you already are. Play with it, do some experimentation, just make sure that you’re clear and strong about your decisions. If someone is acting unpleasant, just observe, leave it with them, and know it’ll blow over.


You have to become more aware. When you observe things, in stead of immediately reacting to them, you’ll realize that you often don’t even need to react. If something or someone makes you angry, decide to not react this time, only observe. Observe what happens and be aware that your emotions to this will come and then go. Any emotions only stay if you express them and internalize these feelings into your reality. If you don’t, they’ll eventually disappear. React differently and you will see (observe), that what normally happens, also changes. The venom has been taken out and you will feel less and less angry.

So, the outside world is not only subjective, it is also constantly changing (and it doesn’t necessarily have your best interest in mind). Although we often try, we can’t really change the outside world. Sometimes we achieve some success, but only with difficulty and lots of energy and effort. However, you decide what you let in and what not. The inside world is fed from that. And the filters are our senses. We may not control their physiology, nor would we need to, but we control our perception.

Just as our physical body is literally made from what we put in our mouth, our inner world is made from what we allow in through our senses. This gets amplified when the things we allow in, later form the filter for what we allow in. Still… the key word here is “allow”. If you watch TV and follow the news, what are you putting into your window? If you talk with people about negative stuff, how will that influence your perception? Thinking from a position of fear, lack, struggle, competition…. those are not positive building blocks. What kind of world would you construct with them?

Me, myself and I

So, to focus on yourself, your ‘window onto the world’, and what you allow in, is key to your reality. In modern society, there’s a bit of a stigma around the focus on Self. Many people consider this selfishness or egocentrism, but we’ve seen that this is just ego talking. Ignore it and don’t give it any attention.

There are countless books about the nature of “I” (and the “I am”) and who you truly are. The need for spiritual techniques and teachings is often based on this ultimate question of “Who am I?” I’ll definitely write blogs about this subject in the future. For now, I just want to mention the term mind-body-spirit-complex. It’s a term Ra (The Law of One) use to describe the entity of a human being in the third density and higher. To live on this 3D earth requires our mind, body and spirit to be completely intertwined. They’re in a way separate components, but they can’t exist without each other, which makes it a complex.

Many ways to take care of ourselves, are focussed on one of the components, but they’re never separate. Sports is good for our body, and we also feel the effect on our mind. Reading nourishes our mind, and it also expands our spiritual awareness. Sexual intimacy with our partner strengthens the emotional and spiritual bond, and we also get energy flowing through our body.

Meditation ticks all three boxes through spiritual expansion, physical relaxation, and quieting of the mind. I want to emphasize the importance of meditation, but not only because of the care for ourselves. It’s also a gateway to control our inner reality… which is our ultimate goal to achieve. Clean up our inner world, wipe our window to the outside clear, and get rid of distortions.


When we have started to take care of our inner world, we will eventually start to see results in the outside world. But how do we manifest something…? It is not a magic trick to make anything we want, to appear out of thin air. Again, there are countless books and articles on this subject, and I’ll come back to some of that in a later post. In this one I would just like to look at what happens when you manifest. And this is one of those magical places where spirituality and quantum mechanics very much overlap.

One of the key elements of manifestation is to not think about every step you take. If you think about the steps, you’re focussing on the fact that you are basically not where you want to be. You should never put your energy and attention in not-having. Think about the end result, imagine how you feel being in the situation you want to be in. And a golden rule here, is to be specific. You may be able to manifest a dream job, but that may come in a way you didn’t expect, making it difficult in other ways.

“Years ago, I started a new life and emigrated to New Zealand. I had visualized and successfully manifested many aspects of the new life that I wanted. But having emigrated already, I wasn’t specific about the exact location. Working in NZ turned out to be as good as impossible for me at that time. Meanwhile, I had also met someone online. Long story short… I emigrated again and ended up in beautiful Romania with my new partner, and finding exactly the new way of living I was looking for. I got exactly what I manifested, just on the other side of the world.”

Manifesting movie stills

Let’s look at quantum mechanics and spirituality. Our ultimate spiritual essence, consciousness or conscious energy, is characterized by the trinity we talked about: mind-body-spirit. They themselves are grounded in the axioms of quantum mechanics, being measurement, superposition, and quantum entanglement. We can look at this with the intent to manifest, as described in the book Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland. It’s a practical way to translate how we think and act our desired reality into being, by focussed attention, the release of importance (i.e. our attachment to something) and our need to control this attachment.

After observing, being aware, measuring, we now go into a more active state. Zeland, a scientist that became an esoteric writer, describes the visualization as stills from a film of the desired outcome. We ultimately choose our destination, but it’s up to the universe/god/source to guide us to that possible reality. All we need is to trust this process and surrender to it. There are many techniques to help visualization, decrease interference, and become free of ‘the world working against you’, like a swinging pendulum.

Both in spirituality and quantum mechanics we see an infinite number of possibilities. Everything happens, just not all in the same reality. What we experience is the result of all options happening simultaneously. See it like an endless field of possibilities. To move through it, means to travel through time to the next new reality in the now. We can’t jump through time, so we move from moment to moment. We can choose our direction through the field, manifesting that desired reality. The way through the constantly changing field is our flow through life.

Coming together

Connect with your desired reality and use movie stills to stay on the path (and in the flow). Whether that path is a straight line or not, doesn’t matter. Leave that to universe/god/source. You just keep focussing on where you want to end up. The bigger the difference between now (your current position at the centre of your universe) and a new reality, the longer it’ll take to manifest. But you’re not travelling in the dark, because there will be signs along the way to confirm you’re on the right path. Practical manifestation has thus started. Ask yourself first, though, if you indeed believe anything is possible. If you don’t, that belief will limit what you can and will manifest.

“So, where’s the quantum entanglement in all this,” you might ask…? Well, anything is possible, you never know how it happens, and everything is connected ;-) But I think that’s better left for a future blog, anyway, because there’s a lot to say about that. At least we’ve learned we are indeed the centre of our universe. The overall reality (superposition), is the sum of all subjective universes. We can’t control the universe of others, but we are in the driving seat for ours. We decide what we let in, how we integrate this into our window, what attachments we have (assigning importance), and how we react to everything. This then shapes overall reality, making us the creators of it.

Old house, new house

Think of your life (and even body) as a house. You’ve build it yourself and now you live in it, you take care of it, you’re at home in it. If you are not happy in your house, you want to change it. But unlike real houses, you can’t walk out this one and move into a new one. And you can’t build a new one with only new materials. You have to make do with the old stones, they are yours and they’ll remain with you. Sure, you can rearrange stones and get new ones extra. But you can never get rid of the old ones. The only thing you can do, is use them differently.

As the centre of your universe and director of your play on stage, you are also the architect of your house. With creativity and through practice, you can make it into anything your want it to be. It may not be easy at first, but that’ll change when you receive more and more confirmation through manifestation. The difficulty might start, when you want to create something you’ve never seen or experienced before. But let that be a challenge for you, not a limitation of your powers. And there are no mistakes, only lessons learned.

Would you like a hand with the (re)arranging of your stones? Or do you need heart-to-heart guidance in creating new ones? Perhaps you want to know more about manifestation and need some guidance in the practical work. If you resonate with my style of communication and how I see the world for what it is, please contact me. We may find each other and do a couple of sessions. I would be happy to help and to support you in manifesting what you want… especially building your new house.

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