Your heart is key for survival of the next crisis

There will be a next global crisis, probably multiple, and they will happen relatively soon. Just like many before, there is planning and control behind them, and they serve a goal. That goal is not in your or my interest. We do not have to be victims either, even if what happens will hurt us. This requires us to look at ourselves and the world around us in a different way. I’m not talking about awakening to political, economic or social truth, but awakening to your innate power and its control. Awareness, self-governance, heart-connection, shadow-work, vulnerability, transparency, introspection, self-criticism, creativity. To know, respect and control yourself is key to real freedom… whatever happens.

Ask yourself first if you want to continue reading. If you believe vaccines saved us from C, or that 9/11 was the work of bearded men in dresses… you’d better stop reading now. There crises are not behind us and others will happen soon. The p(l)andemic was a global test, and future steps will go much further. The Social Credit System is no conspiracy theory, it’s already here. Many foresee that people will die and turn on each other, pointing away from themselves to blame everyone else. If one thing has become clear from history, it is that “it’s easier to fool people, than to convince them they have been fooled.”

It doesn’t matter what will happen, where, when, how… we can’t know and we can’t prevent it. But we can make sure we’re flexible and prepared for whatever happens. I’m not talking about preparing for war or doomsday. This is a personal path, raising your level of consciousness, choosing connection and authenticity, living from your heart in universal truth, growing into peace and power. Don’t look at others for leadership, because everything is already inside you.

No crisis should go to waste

The western world and its politics and social affairs consistently repeat several basic patterns. Many of these patterns are viscous cycles of problems – blames – solutions – accountability, meanwhile shifting power and siphoning financial wealth. First you create a problem and fire up the emotions or even panic around it. This first phase, as we will find out, is often the most crucial of all. Next is to make sure to divert blame in the wrong direction (Muslims, communists, anti-vaxx, Jews, conspiracy theorists, and soon aliens). Then you present the way out, usually a solution you’ve already prepared even before you began. Finally, you make sure the majority of people can’t or don’t want to ever find out what really happened.

The first phase is the most important, because when that one goes right, most of the rest will happen on its own. Authorities will claim they were taken by surprise and people feel everything happened TO them. As if we’re all victims. Reality is, that most crises have been planned to a certain degree. Because the majority of humanity lives in fear and can’t react from anything else, they’ll never be able to see. Cognitive dissonance is now stronger than ever. Most people feel exhausted from being constantly afraid and always being vigilant. They just want someone to tell them what to do.

Politicians, media and advertising know this all too well. Their games are directed at the bigger picture of social structures, by playing into the individual emotions… into ego. Most people are nothing but followers. They’ll just move along with the rest of the crowd, listening to the ones that make the most noise. After all, if everybody does it, how can it be wrong…? If you control how people feel, you can make them do just about anything.

The fear of being alone or left behind

The fundamental emotion behind this is fear, and fear is an extremely powerful emotion. One biological explanation for this, is that fear connects us to primal survival instincts. Humans are deeply programmed to not-die and avoid any pain or suffering. That makes sense, but there’s also ego involved in this. That spiritual part will be explored in another blog. Whether conscious or subconscious, people also avoid at all costs any situation that causes them to feel shame, humiliation, or failure (all very low on the Hawkins chart of consciousness). Their body won’t die, but it would be death for their fake personality, and ego will never let that happen.

When people see the herd marching towards the slaughter house, they’ll feel the urge to join them. Even if they’ve seen their inevitable destination, they’ll make up excuses and explanations. “I must have seen wrong. Someone will come and save us. These people can’t all be blind. We’re in this together.” The biggest fear for most people, is to end up alone, and more specifically… to feel alone. It’s safer for them to stay in toxic relationships and shitty jobs. Most importantly though, they need to be part of a group… especially when shit hits the fan.

That fear gets amplified when they watch others doing something without them. There’s also ‘fear of missing out’. Social media is the perfect example. People see things they don’t have and thus want, like more happiness, sex, success, friends, money, likes and shares. What they really crave, is the approval from others, as confirmation and permission to exist. They want to feel loved, acknowledged, seen… they want to be part of something. They’ve built their status, importance, and ultimately their entire self-image on those others. They need them, like they need air to breathe.

Outside identity and importance

Not being seen, missing out, not knowing, not being part of something… it all translates to: “I don’t matter, I am alone”. Many feel worthless if they don’t receive value from outside sources. We’ve been trained to think and feel this our entire lives, building up ego. Children play dare or chicken. Advertising tells children and adults they need some toy to be popular. Parents say: “If you don’t do what I want, you’re a bad child (read: I don’t love you)”. Some partners say the same in toxic relationships, because it manipulates their partner’s desire to be good, and be rewarded through acknowledgement. Our lives revolve so much about simple childhood beliefs… and social media are based on them.

Let’s focus on a more subtle level. Think about relationships where both partners need each other to be happy. They’ll say they’ve found the love of their life, because they complement each other. They actually depend on each other to be whole. In other words, they’re incomplete themselves and their identity and happiness depend on outside influences. Without the other, what is left of them? Although not on the surface, the fear of losing each other must be enormous.

People loose their identity when they are alone again after a breakup. Or when they loose their job, a friendship, even just believing they don’t have enough online friends. It doesn’t matter whether they really are alone or don’t have friends, what matters is that they FEEL alone. Or feel and fear they’ll end up alone, separate, left behind, inadequate, etc. That triggers the same instinctual emotions as when their life would be in actual danger. So, they panic and become defensive and aggressive. They’ll do anything to satisfy their need for validation, surviving by focussing even more on the outside.

Power from numbers

Most humans are inherently weak beings. When they believe they are powerless, they’ll even take their intrinsic power away from themselves. They make everything conditional, giving that power to outside influences. If I have this much, reach that goal, be with him/her, only then am I happy. This works especially well in groups. We’ve all experienced peer-pressure and ended up doing something we’d otherwise never have done. Needless to say, this is based on fear – of being alone, left-out, not-accepted. We see this at all ages and all social and intellectual levels. Take the C-vaccine, which even intelligent people took. Many intuitively knew it was wrong, but did it anyway because of temporary excuses (and now regret their decision).

Who do you think is stronger… the one that moves safely within the crowd or the one who walks alone? Who is richer… the one that works hard and saves their money, or the one spending it on travelling? And who is more likely to survive… the one doing everything with their partner/others, or the one who does everything alone? Most people think safety is obviously in numbers, but it’s actually not. The majority of people don’t truly think for themselves, they just copy-paste from others. However… lies don’t become true if more people are repeating them.

People can become creative in times of crisis, but everything changes when they’re in a group. Then, they’ll follow the loudest leader, regardless their message, demonizing anyone who doesn’t. Would you trust them to make any right decisions, especially on your behalf? And the political so-called leaders are even worse, as they openly avoid responsibility and accountability. Wars are condoned and humanitarian crimes are committed every day, because the majority allows this to happen. If anything, the power of numbers is scary as fuck.

A group of individuals

But this article/blog is not about the craziness of these times or continuous crimes committed against humanity. I’ve only mentioned this, because some crises were a preparation for the ones that are yet to come. They will follow the same scenario as before. A problem is created, someone gets (falsely) blamed, and there’s seemingly only one way out. That way out always involves restriction of individual freedom and doing things as a group, that people individually would never agree to. This is what happens in a war as well. It’s not the ones that fight against the oppressor, that are committing crimes. You should worry about the ones who stand by and do nothing.

Most people fell to floor during C, wallowing in self-pity, begging the authorities to take control. And they did. People that need validation from others, as if they are addicts, give away their freedom just like that. Authorities took it, claiming we were all in it together equally. They also said: “The only way out was to do what everybody does.” Dutch authorities played a guilt-tripping game, claiming you do your part for someone else. So, people became a QR-code, a number, a statistic, and ultimately… they lost their individuality. Yet, they felt strong, as there now was a whole group of people without identity, so they were not alone.

Such a group is much easier to control, because they’re all connected through one or two common factors. In biology, a loss of (bio)diversity basically means death. The more any species are connected in uniformity, the more vulnerable they are. A strong people would be one of diversity, but such a group is difficult to control. A diverse group also has no clear restrictions or limitations. This allows people to grow and develop themselves into individuals.

Don’t think, don’t feel, just know…

It’s impossible for anyone to remain uneffected by other people’s fear, panic and negative energy when a crisis starts. The fact you already know something will happen, might help you now. People are usually more scared from the surprise, than from what actually happens. The first moments are essential. When we experience something new and traumatic, we become extremely susceptible. We are completely on high-alert, constantly assessing whether our life is in jeopardy, hormones raging, brain fully on. We thus become extremely sensitive to potential danger, but we also lose our finer discernment. Survival deals with the bigger picture, not with details.

That is precisely when most people can be easily manipulated. In a crisis, they devour all information and treat everything as truth-by-definition. They readjust and reshape their world-view with these fundamental building-blocks of information. Though our mind can be tricked through our senses and emotions are easily misled, our heart can never be fooled. When people’s intuition tells them something, it means their heart speaks to them. Unlike emotions, our heart has a modest ‘voice’, that you’ll hear as an inner-knowing. However, when it says ‘no’, that voice-of-inner-knowing becomes very loud. Amidst all the inevitable emotions and chaos in moments of crisis, you really need to listen to your heart.

You can’t think your way to the truth, because your mind can only use information it already knows or receives in that moment. Your mind limits itself extremely to the validity (questionable) of the information you perceive and your own framework of existing beliefs (manipulatable). At the start of the C-crisis, my mind exploded from frustration, because it already knew it was a scam. With my background in (medical) biology, I knew the media stories were scientific and biological nonsense. But most people couldn’t know at that time.

Detachment and ego

You can only make a connection with your heart, when you don’t share that energy with another connection. As long as you (emotionally/socially/intellectually) depend on the answers to questions, you’re leaking energy. You can then never be fully open and honest with yourself. You need to detach from that dependency. Then, let go of whatever was in the past. It served you then (career, relationship, successful survival), but it holds you back now. Ego always avoids change. It wants to follow the crowd to stay safe. It doesn’t want you to be different. Ego doesn’t want you to be you.

Ego keeps you from connecting to your heart. It’s easy to say you need to release ego or dissolve it, but that’s impossible for most. Ego is inseparable from this world, and it’s not by definition bad to act from ego. It just shouldn’t keep you from connecting with your heart. It’s not easy to connect and then communicate with your heart, if you sit down and try. Yet, that is exactly what I’m asking you to do. Sit down in meditation and become okay with whatever is there (emotions, thoughts, pain). This takes time… be patient with yourself.

After a while, you’ll start to realize that you can more easily accept the situation of the moment. You will more and more feel okay with any result, because everything is impermanent anyway. It comes and goes, tomorrow it will be a new world. If you focus on the problems of this moment, you become the prisoner of your own fears and other (temporary) emotions. Let it all be as it is, and your inner peace and happiness are uneffected. Someone was angry with you? Their problem. Not many likes on Facebook? So what. Mandatory masks in the supermarket? It’ll pass.

Prepare for the how, not for the what

The Epictetus quote explains why it is essential to let go of importance and attachment. Those are crucial steps to master oneself, and it’ll set you truly free. Even if authorities temporarily take away elements of your freedom, you know it’ll pass, and thus you are still free. When some changes turn out to be permanent, you adjust and don’t let it bother, for you are still free. Even if you’re forced against your will and perhaps held prisoner, you are always free.

It doesn’t matter how bad it gets, you need to be okay with whatever happens. This does NOT mean you should accept and go along with everything. But if you have no choice, fighting the inevitable will costs you your peace and enormous amounts of energy. Besides, we don’t know what will happen or when, we only know that it will. This is about preparing for how you deal with all that. As Epictetus said: “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”

If you take responsibility for your energy, you can react from peace, compassion, patience, and love. And when that becomes exactly what you project on the world around you, things instantly become lighter. You will likely manifest solutions that people in fear never could. Just make sure to protect yourself and don’t get involved with fearful people and negative emotions of others. They’ll drag you down and you can’t save them… they need to choose that for themselves. You can shine a light for them, that’s all.

Contact me if you want talk more about this. Let’s finish off with one more Epictetus quote: “Don’t seek to have events happen as you wish, but wish them to happen as they do happen, and all will be well with you.”

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